[High Seas] Angry Whale Attacks Helpless Yacht – AKA Whale VS Yacht

A South African yachtsman was out sailing near the country’s infamous Robben Island when a 40-ton whale breached and crash-landed on their yacht seeking revenge for killing its brother.

Red Bull sponsored Whale Stunt gone awry

“I was watching the whale flipping its tail for about half an hour,” said the yachtsman, who was enjoying a Sunday whale hunt.

On approach

“It reached about 100 to 200 meters from me, my harpoon at the ready, then it disappeared under water and reappeared about 10 to 20 meters from the boat, but I didn’t think the two of us were on a collision course,” he told Pineappleope.com.


The yachtsman's yacht takes heavy damage

“I placed my fishing tackle box the other side of the boat,” he said, explaining that he thought the whale would dive under their vessel and potentially knock his tackle box off the boat.

“All I heard from the whale was ‘Oh sh*&,’ in native whale tongue and I saw the whale come out of the water and crash against the mast of my yacht.

Yachtsman struggles to mend his yacht / Grieving

“I ducked behind the coach house and I saw the mast crashing toward me and the whale slip back into the water,” he said.

The Yachtsman's Yacht Damaged by the Whale

“Bits of black whale blubber and barnacles,” were strewn on the boat deck, but the yachtsman did not see any blood in the water.

The Yacht, Close Up

“The whale might have gotten a scratch and a bump on its head, but it surfaced again, so I don’t think it was harmed,” he said. “I am going after it… for revenge, of course.”

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