[Heroic Heroins] Hayden Panettiere – bisexual or just an oral fixation?

So, anyone who’s anyone watched Heroes. Come on, you know you wanted to save that cheerleader right? Yeah you did. We all did. Well that cheerleader is growing up fast – and it looks like Hayden Panettiere is not totally sure of what side of the sex fence she’s on. Rumors fly around that she’s into dudes, chicks, and occasionally both.

Really – she’s been caught flashing and putting her mouth on all kinds of things lately.. from breasts to big trophies. PAO investigated and caught her in many acts..

2 Replies to “[Heroic Heroins] Hayden Panettiere – bisexual or just an oral fixation?”

  1. If you want to know the truth, and I know it. Hayden is a bisexual, with my own two eyes I have seen her going down on another chick (she wansn’t that hot tho). But truth has it she enjoys the d a bit more. Oral Fixation? Yes also

  2. hi guyz! I’d fuck Panettiere as long as she wears her cheerleader suit from Heroes, LOL

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