[hercules][bear fight] PAO presents: BEAR FIGHTING

Please note, only fight a bear if you are a half god like Hercules, or full god like Zeus. Otherwise, do not fight bears. Bears are dangerous and can travel to space at will. A rare capture of a bear travelling to space is at the end of this clip, shot by the Hubble Telescope.

4 Replies to “[hercules][bear fight] PAO presents: BEAR FIGHTING”

  1. This reminds me of this time i was in my truck, and traffic was a bear and when i killed it, and threw the bear in the sky, and ‘I’ was the one who actually developed actual constellations and then made up the concept and told everyone about it and that is why telescopes were invented because of my fat in in the creating of the stars and the heavens, that was all me. Which is why i made the internet and focus on low volume fishing websites

  2. Well the fishing sites volume has only one place to go, which is up. Wait till we ride the coattails of other sites, which people give a crap about. Soon, fishing will be bigger than bear throwing. Bear fighting will probably still beat us though.

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