[Health Alert] Study Says 84% of Sunscreen is Harmful to Your Health

The FDA has refused to publish safety standards for sunscreen products. That’s nearly three decades of keeping the public in the dark about the extremely harmful, cancer-causing chemicals found in sunscreen products.

Cleveland Solar Group (CSG) has spent the past 7 years researching the effects of the sun, the sun on skin, sun screen on skin, and skins effect on sunscreen.


As the CSG’s research reveals, an incredible 84% of sunscreen products are harmful to consumers. You read that right: More than four out of five sunscreen products actually harm the people who use them.

That’s no surprise to Pineappleope.com readers, of course. We’ve been sounding the alarm on the toxicity of sunscreen products for years. We’ve also hammered at the sick conspiracy between the cancer industry and the sunscreen industry to keep people diseased so that both industries make more money.

Avoid the sunscreen dangers at all costs, before its too late

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3 Replies to “[Health Alert] Study Says 84% of Sunscreen is Harmful to Your Health”

  1. I’m so glad your being civic minded. Keep up the good work. Will those girls die of sunscreen poisoning and can you get video?

  2. i dont usually get tan so this article really does not hit home for me especially during the fall / winter season but i see your point about the sun being hazardous to ones physical health. does the sun effect mental health is a question ive always wanted answered

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