Health Alert: STDs and You

A new week brings a new health question….

Dear Cecil,

My roommate brings home a lot of random guys from the bars each weekend. She typically picks them up in Roxbury and East Boston. Im not positive if she sleeps with them but it sounds like it when I listen at her door each night. Do you think I can pick up STD’s from our shared toilet seat?

thank you,Sally

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Dear Sally,

First of all, if you were actually roommates you would know if your roommate is engaging in sexual congress with these men without having to resort to eavesdropping. I believe housemate is the correct term and we will use that for the rest of this discussion.

You are more likely to pickup an OCD from obesessing about your housemate’s carnal habits. Besides, I can tell from doing a gas chromatograph on your question that your vaginal odor is approximately a 6.97 on a normalized-Busby-results scale, so you are actually the likely source of alleged toilet seat infections.

Thanks, Cecil

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