[Health Alert] Scientists Discover 5 Reasons Men Develop ‘Man Boobs’

After many months and years and years, and what seems like decades, scientists have finally discovered several reasons behind the development of ‘Man Boobs’ aka ‘Moobs’. Studies have shown as many as 46% of males have developed ‘moobs’ ranging in size from B to FF cups. In fact, ‘moob operations’ for men have shot up by 80 percent in the past year in the U.S alone.

Top 5 Reasons Men Develop ‘Moobs’:

1. You are Fat

Most often, man “breasts” are actually just fat: You won’t be able to feel any firm tissue, just lard. Clues are that both sides are affected equally and they wobble when you run.

To cure this is quite simple: Slim down. Only consider surgery if you’ve tried that and you really want those assets stripped.

2. You are Old

Your breast tissue tends to swell — known in the trade as gynaecomastia — any time your hormones are up the spout. That includes both extremes of age — baby boys because of the influence of your mother’s hormones and older men because their testosterone levels are flagging.

This is normal and harmless. It’s common in adolescents, too. Though normal, you should always wear a black t-shirt at the beach.

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3. You are on Extreme Medication

A variety of pills can upset your hormone balance enough to fill those breasts. Heavy use of Tylenol and Advil are known to increase breast sizes up to 2 cups.

4. You do Drugs, a lot

Bodybuilders who use steroids may find they’re building up more than they bargained for. The same may apply to marijuana users, although a link between marijuana and man-melons remains controversial. Heroin and meth shink ‘moobs’, possibly inverting them into ‘reverse moobs’.

5. You are really ill, the sick kind of ill

Very rarely, those “moobs” are just two tips of a disease iceberg. Liver problems, kidney failure and an overactive thyroid can all be causes. So if you’re feeling ill as well as swollen, see your doctor.

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