[Hands] Left Handshake Gaining Popularity, Trends Suggest #hello

A handshake is a short ritual. Right handshaking, for as long as the living can remember, has always been the appropriate handshake. In recent years a new movement of left handshaking brought on mostly by the wealthy upper class has taken hold, and seemingly will not go away. Shaking hands with the left is widely considered classy amongst the high society. Such hand shaking practices have trickled down to those less fortunate. Fueled by the popularity of shaking hands itself, the left handshake may become the new right within the next decade. Joseph Levi said it best when he said:

“As we all in our Movement truely trust each other, this method of our own shaking with the left hand instead of the right, is used throughout the movement. The Left hand is nearer to the heart.”

left hand shake is cool

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