God has entered the Twittersphere #god #OMG

“The old version of Scripture wasn’t really reaching people anymore,” He explained at a press conference where every question seemed to be anticipated before reporters could ask. “So I signed up for Twitter.com.”

Old version of Scripture “wasn’t reaching people anymore,” so Lord shrinks psalms and other stories to 140 characters each and “live blogs” the Last Supper.

To put this simply – Watch yo back, Twitterifica. God’s gonna RT @yourass for #eternity.  God’s got a nextgen Iphone already, and is gonna Twit it up, all day, all night, everywhere. Omipotent Tweets – they will be appearing in your Gmail, in your cereal, in your cous cous, and even on your Tivo. Yeah, he knows what you are recording – and he thinks its sick. You’ll hear about it – as will all of the rest of them.

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  1. RT @WWGT

    # God tells Abraham to deep-six son Isaac; changes mind when knife is drawn. Abe rewarded for faith. Isaac may need years of therapy – Gen. 2212:21 PM May 7th from web

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