[FutureInThePast] Did your 09/09/09 Predictions Come True?


09/09/09 was the biggest day of this millennium, so far. A holy day, no doubt. Around the globe, gods, religious fanatics and regular people alike, made 09/09/09 predictions . How did those Predictions pan out?

The world will end(Tilda from the Catholic church) – This prediction failed. Although, this almost didn’t fail for passengers flying in Mexico

Nothing will happen as usual(sallysweet7 on amaturematch.net) – More or less this was accurate for sallysweet7

3 Tsunamis will wipe out Hawaii(Tu pai of North Korea) – The Koreans were wrong, no such tsunamis occurred

A comet burning blood red will appear in the night sky(Mnemosyne) – Astrologist’s around the world saw nothing of the sort

We will shoot 3 geese. I will have 2 eggs and toast for breakfast. I will work 8 hrs then have 3 beers.(anonymous) – PAO is not sure about this one and couldn’t be independently verified

Dreamcast 2(Tom in England) – unfortunately there was no news regarding this

Humanity WILL Be Saved(Xylanthian) – Waiting to hear back, doesn’t look good

Crop circles appear(lookfar) – None have been reported

Apple will announce colored iPhone – (Lord Awesome, Pineappleope.com analyst) – Apple let everyone down

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