Free Kirby Game

Its a one trick pony! Contributed by our new and luscious intern, Geegee Morningrod! She will be competing with interns to be named later on a new reality TV show being filmed in a location very similar to PAO offices, where all of these vivacious young men and women will vy for cash, prizes, and a chance to go all the way to the top!

The secret to beating Kirby is in this video.

5 Replies to “Free Kirby Game”

  1. J’ai tout mangé le chocolat J’ai tout bu le Cola Cola Et comme t’étais toujours pas là, j’ai tout vidé le Nutella J’ai tout démonté tes tableaux J’ai tout découpé tes rideaux Tout déchiré tes bell…

  2. That is a really great game, great find, great find – i think i saw this on atc though… like months maybe years ago

  3. Fallait pas m’laisser tu vois
    Il est beau le résultat
    Je fais rien que des bêtises, des bêtises quand t’es pas là

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