FREE HOTDOGS!!! [hot beefy weiners] #fatasswednesday #woofwednesday

kobayashiTODAY ONLY! KRAFT is giving away Oscar Mayer Jumbo Beef Franks – FREE. FREE WIENERS! FREE DOGS! HOT DOGS! GET YOURS! Great with chipss!

Wikipedia (the free encyclopedia) describes hot dogs as
A hot dog is a type of fully cooked, cured and/or smoked moist sausage of soft, even texture and flavor, usually made from mechanically recovered meat or meat slurry. It is usually placed hot in a soft, sliced hot dog bun of approximately the same length as the sausage, and optionally garnished with condiments and toppings. In the United Kingdom hot dog refers more commonly to the combination of sausage and bun, with the sausage called a frankfurter.
The flavor of hot dog sausages varies widely by region and by personal preference, as do the accompaniments. The flavor of the sausage can resemble a range of similar meat products from bologna on the bland side to the German bockwurst in the spicier varieties.

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  1. hot dogs ar my FAVs ! maybe because they look like bananas or maybe because hotbeth likes them?!

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