Followup: The Buccaneer

What does PAO staffer Mitch L do when he isn’t out there inflitrating undead covens and signing neo-indy-pseodu-billy-bands to legendary contracts? Mr. L is also out there fighting pirates¬†and promoting the next post-mercenary-glam-duo sensation. From Mitch’s notes:

“We were overwhelmed by the elements and running low on hydrogen rations. Peansy had the bends and the ship’s butcher was steeped in the grog. Through the fog, I could make out no sign of the enemy or the shoals I knew we were near. A minute or two more of this and I was sure I would faint. At exactly 3:46 GDST the ship was rocked by a starboard explosion. I am pretty sure that is what finished off ol’ Peansy. I was knocked down, around, and came to my senses with my leg stuck in the aft porthole. The fog and the smoke obscured vision even as far as the stern windpipes. Before I blacked out, I looked down to see who has clawing up to my side and pulling on my vest. I still cannot tell you if it was a crewman or a boarding raider, as I was betwixt myself and unconscious at long last. When I awoke to the aftermath and smouldering carnage, I found the following document rolled up and stuffed into my vest. I believe it is some kind of treasure map…”

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  1. OH ol’ Peansy……

    KIM, its PAO Christmas Party at 2pm in all PAO offices around the country. Fortunately/unfortunately this is not a ‘holiday’ party, as we are keeping it to just xmas to save money

    Back in time for that

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