Follow PAO on Twitter – we need your support! [twitter]

follow_paoThe PAO network is now one with the Twitter network. In a mutual admiration society, we are all one and one. Some thought this day would not come, and PAO staffers are happy to spit on those folks and prove, once again, that we are an unstoppable internet powerhouse.

Dudes, Chicks, Anna, HotBeth4u, ATC – we need want you guys to follow us on Twitter. We don’t have to explain why – clearly, Twitter is the fcking BOMB and you are needed. We’re all about getting in touch with our users, and what better way than through microblogging?


4 Replies to “Follow PAO on Twitter – we need your support! [twitter]”

  1. i fucking hate twitter, that said, i like the picture(s) accompanying this post. that said, hot beth is a fox

  2. lolz get over twitter hate! if you don’t get on me and twitter you’ll never see things like this exclusive photo – – its on twitter but NOT this site, can you believe it omg? its a goooood pic but twitter is the only way to tap that.

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