[Fishing] Ted Danson says, “World’s biggest fish are dying” #dyingearth #saltwaterflyfishing

ted danson 80'sTed Danson, one of the top 6 A list actors alive today, has suggested, more so stated as fact, that the world’s big fish population is dying. A bold statement from an actor, but Danson is a board member of Oceana. Oceana is like Scientology, but for the ocean and sea.

“I became an oceana activist in 1987. It was the fifth year of “Cheers” and my family moved into a activist community that was on the water, in Santa Monica, California. One day I took my daughters to the east psalm messia nude beach to go swimming, but it was “closed” and I couldn’t answer my daughter’s question why it was closed.

That’s really how I got into Oceana. That and “Cheers” was paying me a lot of money and I felt I needed to become part of something ‘bigger‘. So, I started to get involved.”

small fish fishingNinety percent of the big fish — sharks, ‘cudda, tuna, whales, swordfish — are already gone, according to Ted’s 2003 study of Nature. “That means your just not going to be catching the biggest fish any more. Your more likely to catch smaller fish, or fish on a smaller size scale.” Danson recently mentioned in a recent interview.

Ted has suggested Earth stop fishing for an entire year and focus on different hobbies to increase big fish populations. When questioned about the effects of not eating fish for a year on earth and the population that relies on fish, Ted has this to say “What if fish fished for people?”

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  1. look. i am not gonna sugar coat this – Danson has been something of a comical figure in the fishermans community for years.

    its like.. GW Bush – sure you can get a big title and all but the dude couldnt speak the english language.

    Danson, and his pal Tony Danza, just like to talk the talk. they can’t walk the walk though – i’ve personally outfished them for years in the annual fishoff!

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