[Fights] Hawaiian Gamerz Brawl the Bullies, Brah.. plus, Alana Blanchard!

Amazingly no one got stabbed or tasered. Quite a fight though.. a lesson learned for criminals. Pokemon is serious shit, do don’t interrupt to steal milk money.

PAO’s Islander correspondent “Poncho” Mike Honcho has sent us a few photos of the scene. Seems like he got distracted however..

by the ridiculously hot surfer babe, Alana Blanchard. That’s fine by us, Senior Honcho.. fine.. by.. us. PAO will be hosting a staff outting in Hawaii very soon – stay tuned for Brawls, Brah’s and Babes 2010!

2 Replies to “[Fights] Hawaiian Gamerz Brawl the Bullies, Brah.. plus, Alana Blanchard!”

  1. OMG i like those girlz, they could probably date me. what id do for some heavy pettin time with tha whole’lotta them

    as for the video, as ive stated before vidia gamez rot mindz

  2. i heard she gets penalized every time she surfs due to not wearing the minimum clothing requirements. and its great

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