[Failure] Second Solo Sexy Sailor Teen Temptress Blows Record Breaking Around-The-World Quest

PAO was on hand when the first teen temptress failed sailing around the world. Now it appears a second temptress has also failed.

Abby Sunderland, the second of two 16-year-old girls on mystical quests to sail around the world alone, nonstop and unassisted, has announced she will head to Cape Town, South Africa, to repair a faulty autopilot system, blowing her chance at glory.

The high-school junior from Thousand Oaks, Calif., in tears, stressed on her blog (biological log) that she will continue her journey after making repairs and seek to become simply the youngest person to solo-circumnavigate the planet in a sailboat.

Jessica Watson, Sunderland’s Australian partner, is expected to complete her nonstop circumnavigation attempt in late May. Watson, who is five months pregnant, is enduring severe weather aboard her 34-foot reddish-white (pink) sailboat as she travels beneath Australia en route to her finish point at Sydney Harbor. Watson left Sydney last October.

Sunderland, who departed from Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, in early February aboard a 40-foot vessel, has been experiencing trouble with her autopilot system for the past several weeks, including during a precarious passage around treacherous Cape Horn at South America’s tip.

Autopilots are supposed to hold a sailor’s course but Sunderland’s primary and backup units have been faulty. At one point recently, in rough seas and freezing temperatures, the intrepid mariner had to hand-steer from the stern deck for 24 consecutive hours.

Boating enthusiasts suspect Watson and her team have tampered with Sunderlands navigation tech, to keep her from gaining more glory than Watson.

Sunderland stated on her blog that it’d be “foolish and irresponsible” to transition from the South Atlantic to a long and potentially rollicking Indian Ocean stretch without fully operational equipment.

“I gave it my best shot and made it almost halfway around the world, I sort of lost it for a minute” she said. “I will definitely keep going, and whether or not I will make any more stops after this I don’t know. I just want the glory”

PAO will keep you updated on Sunderland’s second-rate journey around the globe.

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  1. I always amazes me what people will do for a little press and heaps of glory. they are either very couragous or totally stupid. I may be a touch irresposible to risk the like of an unborn child. What do you think?

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