[Facebook][Update] Facebook Break Up

breaking up on facebookPineappleope.com recently had a feature ‘Hooking up with Chicks on Facebook’ about our overseas correspondent who was deep in a week long facebook relationship. Things move fast online. Its over, after a mere 11 days. What went wrong?


After thinking about us A LOT, I’ve decided that I really really cannot do this.

Our lives are going in very different directions and I feel that if we cut contact right now it may prevent potential issues in the future. It is very disappointing to me that it has be like this but i must protect myself. The connection we had, so soon and so fast, could be unhealthy and i cannot take that risk.

Rambo, you are truly an amazing man. You should be very proud of yourself not only for what you have accomplished but the strength you had throughout it all.

Maybe when can get together when you come back to the states. But until then stay well and PLEASE take care of yourself.


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