Facebook Is The Solution To All Your Problems

carton of chinese cigarettesPineappleope.com Reporters got word from our overseas reporter that intense shit is going down on Facebook. Most names have been changed to hide identities.

I noticed from Facebook that you are in a relationship with someone
called Caitlin and that you are missing and loving and calling each
other. Wow. I thought you wanted to be with me. I thought I was your
Princess. Now I understand why you were not in touch with me while you
were in USA. But I don’t understand why you did not tell me the truth.
I thought you said that you did not want to hurt me. I thought it was
us who were dating, that you wanted us to be steady. I don’t
understand why you had sex with me while you are having a relationship
with someone else. And you even made me buy you a dinner and cigarets
before having sex with me. Wow. I would have not believed all this
from you. I was really looking forward to come back and to be with
you. How foolish from me. I suppose it is unnecessary to even try to
describe how sad I feel and how painful it is to realize all this.

Behind the scenes: All caitlin comments are deleted from wall

Find out what happens next –

soo im home in bed b/c i don’t feel well, missed my classes today, went to your page to see your face and then was going to call you and say i miss you…but ummm why did you delete my comments off your page? and if you tell me ppl were giving you a hard time about it i’ll scream….you’d only delete them for one reason b/c you don’t want somone(another female on facebook) to read them….another other excuse just wouldn’t make sense b/c honestly what do you care what other ppl think or say about me and you if you love me like you say you do.

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