[Facebook] Hooking up with Chicks on Facebook

chatting online with babesContinuing our facebook romancing coverage. This email was sent to our overseas correspondent, Rambo, from a facebook chick he’s been talking to for a mere 7 days. Keep in mind, they’ve been chatting online for 7days… never met in person. Email for Facebook tips: tips@pineappleope.com

good morning handsome.

I hope your sleep was restful. Its a new day!

You know that I deactivated my Facebook only after a few months because i just couldn’t take it.. it wasn’t really my cup of tea, anyone whos close to me knows that i was completely ANTI-facebook… hated it, and thought is was stupid and pointless. my take was, If i really cared about some of these people i would have found them… or they would already be in my life.

well, turns out, reactivating turned out to be a VERY good decision. it lead me to you…

NOW .. i would like to kiss (on the mouth) every single person/creator responsible for this freakin site!

Still something tells me though, just from our conversations that ultimately we would have probably at some point HAVE to knock into each other.. from johnson, to pell mell, st. mary’s..ihs, and then now… living almost parallel to each other in a way

speaking with you over the last couple of days has been incredible. I honestly have not been able to concentrate on much lately except this.. my head feeling like one of those lottery number machines, and ping pong balls with the littles numbers are my thoughts..

I must say that everythng that is bouncing around in there holds excitement, sadness,long distance couple hope, faith, confusion, happiness, and most of all fear….

Regarding the drinking issue, i need you to understand that if i were you i would be living the same way. My drinking for a bit of time was not just to relax alittle.. it was to forget, and to not feel ANYTHING that i should have addressed. Pain and resentments, as you know, are aweful things to keep inside. and it was destroying me… everything that i can’t wait to experience in life, being a mother, getting married, etc i knew would never come if i stayed on that course.

Hate to sound like a religious nut, but God really has been with me the whole time. I trust that his plan is the only one, i really have no say in the matter and have to remind myself to get the hell (i meant heck) out of the way. 🙂

by not living my truth i was attracting (mirroring) relationships that were not healthy. One can’t help but have inhibitions when meeting someone they really like after that… immediately i felt like a alarm was going off – DANGER, DANGER… just from the strong connection i felt with you over the internet (how wierd does that sound? :)…

you were right when you were saying that this is actually a GOOD way to get to know someone… because with some people, if you take away all that lust and attraction and they are left with absolutely NOTHING… all superficiality…

and p.s. checked out your album today and am pretty positive we will not have any problems in the attraction department 🙂

sorry… lost my train of thought there…

ok..i’m back now.. 🙂

gaming onling with chicksSo what i realized this morning when i was thinking about ME, ME, ME, ME, and ME some more, was that- Whatever this is…lets just enjoy it.

All i want to concentrate on is YOU feeling good.. lets face it you are in an aweful place, just been through a very traumatic divorce, on top of everything else that life throws your way… this about you.

I want to be what makes your days go by and what gives you something to look forward … it makes me feel extraordinary when you tell me I can do that.

i think if we keep honest, keep real, and get to know each other slowly … there is no doubt that this someday could make one of those wonderful stories of how two people came together that you always hear about.

but for now.. lets try to stay on the ground… you already mean so much to me..i know that YOU are extremely rare and special…and if what you are saying to me is valid… i would not risk the opportunity by running away from this…

going to pop in Kiterunner now… talk soon…


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