[EXCLUSIVE] Carrie Prejean Topless Photo #babes

Miss California Carrie Prejean topless pictures made their way to Pineappleope.com, and could cost her the state crown.

 Topless Carrie Prejean, OMG
Topless Carrie Prejean, OMG

You decide.
Should Carrie Prejean be forced give up the state crown?…. Or should Miss Prejean resign as Miss California and do a full spread for Hustler?

5 Replies to “[EXCLUSIVE] Carrie Prejean Topless Photo #babes”

  1. I think this is a hot topic, I twittered about it late last night in a dark room by myself.

  2. first, she should be thrown in jail for a skin reveal as big as that.

    second, hustler? how about club international (which i subscribe to, he he)

  3. Funny thing is when all is said and done, you know Carrie will pose
    for Playboy! How can she refuse? I doubt the “Christian” thing will come into play as she signs the layout contract. Of course we
    know there’s bi-sexual relations at the mansion…..Then what???

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