Once the bubbles stop fizzing in the New Year’s champagne glasses, we know it is time for the PAO annual meeting. This is probably one of the most boring things ever, but we are required to do it by local, state, and federal laws, as well as the corporate bylaws and to avoid dirty looks from the board of directors.

Fortunately, PAO (even in stealth mode) kicked all of its competitors asses into the ground, ground those asses under a jack-heel boot, and then gave the jack-boots to the Starvation Army. The low point in the meeting was when alien robots (Canadians) tried to look cool by invading the meeting with their unwanted presence and sonic umbrage. The high point of the meeting was definately when it ended.

UPDATE: The Canadian robot mistakenly broadcast a transmission to one of it’s subordinate Russian boo-boos using an unencrypted high-volume wire. The point is, he must be destroyed. Do not fear the hat.

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  1. ATC, the canadian, were definitely the highlights for me. with out a doubt. no question

    go back to canada

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