Eating Easter Rabbit for Easter

eat easter rabbit This is the year to go out hunt yourself a rabbit and eat it. With the economy failing spending money on the easter holiday is out of the question. PAO Good Eats Rabbit Eating Tips:

1 When hunting for rabbit, select a rabbit by its size, the smaller the tenderer. A large rabbit’s meat tends to be tough

2 Shoot a younger rabbit for barbecuing or baking. Place a hunted older rabbit in the slow cooker and eat when tender

3 Eat the rabbit within several days of hunting or slaughtering. Rabbit tastes best when fresh and tends to dry out if frozen

4 Marinate the rabbit or wrap it in bacon or rub spices on its cold lifeless skin prior to baking or grilling to prevent the rabbit from drying out while cooking

5 Bake the your prized rabbit covered with slices of bacon across the top and placed in a pan. Put a little white wine in the bottom of the pan and cook at 325 until you can smell the cooking rabbit

It is very difficult to catch rabbit, but hunting a rabbit is easier. The best day to hunt for a rabbit for this Easter weekend is today.

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  1. Depends if they are free-range rabbits or not. I shoot them regularly. They’re delicious with subtle game taste which is quite unique. Hare is slightly stronger tasting and even nicer.

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