[downsizing] PAO cuts back snacks program

One of the many employee benefits at PAO, such as Nude Waterskiing Weekend and the cool t-shirts, is being cut back. The program is the Carbo-Fat Overloading Snack Program, which provides high-calorie/low-nutrient snacks and beverages for all employees. The program is not going away entirely, however many of the snacks have been downsized. As you can barely see in this photo, the popular Keebler Club & Chedder cracker packages are now smaller. Investigations revealed that the packages also contained less crackers! Is this an attempt to cut down waistlines or budgets? PAO Internal Affairs is conducting an ongoing investigation.

The new packages are shown on the left.
The new packages are shown on the left.

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  1. FIRST!

    Does this affect the cheddar/peanut butter crackers?!

    one of the keywords is ‘blame bush’ but seeing as how he is not in office now, and we had snack pack size last year when he was… the blame should be squarely put on obama

    Obama, we dont want healthcare, we want supersize snacks


  2. I also think that the Zazz is now less carbonated. Is this related? Or part of some carbon emissions program?

  3. All PAO employees will be issued the following approved headwear, and may continue to wear American-style baseball caps. Wearing headwear is optional, however wearing non-approved headwear such as fedoras and jester hats will be grounds for immediate execution.

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