Does Grass Improve Swimming Skills?

grass swimmer is reporting on a news story found on the internet. Michael Phelps, fellow olympic gold medal winner and swimmer, was photographed with a ‘water pipe’, “most likely a bong” says reporter.

Phelps admitted ‘bad judgment’ after the ‘marajuana-pipe’ photo. If doing grass was so bad, why did Phelps win so many golds? scientists say its not bad, and its most likely what helped Phelps win so many golds. encourages Phelps to withdraw his ‘bad judgment’ statement on the grounds that bad judgment doesn’t win 100 gold medals.

News of the World said the picture was taken during a November house party while Phelps was visiting the University of South Carolina. During that trip, he attended one of the school’s football games and received a big ovation when introduced to the crowd.

While the newspaper did not specifically allege that Phelps was smoking pot or grass, it did say the water pipe (bong) is generally used for that purpose. An anonymously quoted a partygoer Steve Chain said the Olympic champion was “out of control from the moment he got there.” Phelps did not dispute the authenticity of the picture because it was authentic. Readers, We can probably assume the ‘water pipe’ in question was used for smokin the grass. Which leads PAO to believe grass improves swimming skills. If you want to be an Olympian gold medal holder, you know what to do.

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