Do you finger? Mazefinger Wireless iPhone App. Review

Will melt your brain
Will melt your brain

You’ve seen it on television, you’ve seen Mark Chill playing it, Mazefinger. The sickest iPhone application to date. Do you like robot voice yelling “AWESOME”? Yes. Here is our full review of Mazefinger.

A Little background on this iPhone gem. Mazefinger utilizes your finger, most likely your index finger, or the third finger from your thumb. Mazefinger takes your finger and enters it into a world of cutthroat maze traversing. Does your finger have what it takes? Are you up to the challenge? Mazefinger offers some of the best mazes you’ll ever see in this life time. You must work your finger through mazes to reach the maze end all while racing the clock! If you are sick at this game and your finger reaches the end super fast, you will score an “AWESOME”. If your finger is fat and slow, you’ll most likely end up with a “WEAK”. You can also score a “GOOD” or “GREAT” depending on finger speed.

This is not your grandmothers atari, this is legit maze action. However, reaching the end of the maze isn’t as easy as one might think. By the third level, your finger will encounter mazes with blocked paths that require you to time the start of your finger rather than simply fingering when you feel like it. As you progress even further through the levels, you encounter other such obstacles such as skull and crossbones.

Not a necessity for Mazefinger, but helpful in the advanced levels
Mazeglove - Not a necessity for Mazefinger, but helpful in the advanced levels

There are some unofficial accessories for accessorizing your finger such as the Mazeglove (See: Right). There is also a mug you can buy from the official Mazefinger website.

The neon, ominous levels of MazeFinger bring back memories of this movie called Tron. Combine Tron with a Robot voice and you might just think you actually are stuck in the 4-color world of Tron. But, you are not, your stuck in the world of Mazefinger.

“However, it isn’t all sunshine and rainbows in the land of MazeFinger: there are some flaws. At times – much like many of you probably expected – the finger tracking on the touchscreen can be a bit tardy or uncooperative. On top of that, several staff members complained of bloody fingers”

All Complaints aside, gives Mazefinger a standing up ovation and 9 fist pumps out of a possible 10.

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  1. Man, this review, alone, makes me want to stomp on my blackberry and join the elite Club Ihave Iphone!

    I just heard today that you can get your corporate email on your ihaveiphone, so you can always avoid your wife for one reason or another!

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