[Countdown] Only 14 Days Left Until Christmas Day

Two weeks until Christmas. Official notification from Us at Pineappleope.com.


During the Countdown Pineappleope.com will be fielding questions from our readers (submitted to chief@pineappleope.com):

Why do chicks want to make out with me under mistletoe?
From: Ritchie, WY

Thanks for the question, Ritchie. The custom of making out under mistletoe may be related to a super hot Scandinavian goddess (possibly pictured above). Frigga, the goddess of love in Norse mythology, is strongly and sexually associated with mistletoe, which has been used as a decoration in homes for thousands of years. Mistletoe is associated with many pagan rituals. In fact, the Christian church disliked the plant so much, thanks to its pagan associations, that it forbade its use in any form, even the smoke form. Some English churches continued this ban as late as the 20th century. According to Charles Panati’s excellent book, Extraordinary Origins of Ordinary Things, holly became a Christian substitute for mistletoe, which is why we “deck the halls” with it. The sharply pointed leaves in holly were supposed to symbolize the thorns in Christ’s crown and the red berries were to symbolize his blood. And so, all of that is why we suck face under it. Its also been known to enhance holiday cheer.
-P.Segal, PAO Employee

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