[Countdown] Only 10 Days Left Until Christmas Day

Ten days until Christmas. Official notification from Us at Pineappleope.com.


During the Countdown Pineappleope.com will be fielding questions from our readers (submitted to chief@pineappleope.com):

Is Sexmas a real Holiday? If so, Is it celebrated on December 25th?
From: Amy C., MA

Well, Amy, that is certainly a good question. Sexmas is an awesome variable for the term “X-mas” which in turn is a bastardation of the winter holiday celebrating the birth of Christ, “Christmas”. Not necessarily referring to a Christmas with sex. Sexmas could be celebrated any day of the year, not just on December 25th. Though on December 25th, Sexmas could be celebrated.
Merry Sexmas And A Happy New Year!
-perrf, PAO Author

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  1. This is really informational. I shared it with my SWFF buddies – we’re having a big debate over it right now. Too bad its lunch time, I have to go eat.

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