[Celebs Favorite Days] It’s Friday, But What does that Mean for Celebs?

Friday is the day of the week falling between Thursday and Saturday. A recent Poll shows that 68% of Celebs, A-Z listers, hold Friday as their favorite day of the week. PAO has attempted to generate a photo-list of the top Celebs who think Friday is tops. Keep reading to find out if your Favorite Celeb likes Friday

H-lister Mara's favorite day of the week, Friday, Vinyl Bi-sexual Swingers night at Club Nitrogen in SD
H-lister Krystal Forscutt spends time at the Salisbury beach on friday's, her favorite day of the week

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This H-lister 'Cara' likes getting frisky on friday, you down?
Jenny and Sara, Two more H-listers who love boating on Friday, their combined favorite day of the week. Beating out runner-up Tuesday
W-lister Tina, from High Times Nov. '02 issue, loves Friday more than any other day of the week
D-Lister Heidi Montag's favorite day of the week is Friday. As history has shown, Friday is the best day to tan
Harry Potter B-lister, Emma Watson, loves Friday the most. She enjoys drinking and collecting beads on her favorite day
K-lister Nicky Hilton medicates with holy water in the lake on Friday, her favorite weekday
C-lister, Lindsay Lohan only shops on friday, Lohans #1 day of the week

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