[Harry Houdini] Undo Her Bra using ONLY One Hand, and not Two

Some people have two left hands when it comes to unlocking devices such as the bra. Some people have fat hands and find bras tricky and often TOO tricky to unlock, and give up and live with failure the remainder of their lives. Luckily, PAO found the Rosetta Stone of bra unlocking here within the following video. Let it serve as a refresher, or a introduction to bra unlocking to unleash the bra unlocker within you.

[Spring Cleaning] Spring has Sprung, Get your Maids Out

End of winter has passed, spring is here due to the unseasonable weather. That means its time to dust off your maids and put them to work. If you have survived maid-less this long, its about time you retrieve one.

Lucky for our readers, we have an official spring cleaning 2012 check list to get your maids on their way!

1. Have your maid set aside at least a week for a thorough spring cleaning. Work from one end of your house to the other.

2. Dust lighting fixtures.

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[WANTED DEAD OR ALIVE] Looking for the Hacker who Hacked Pineappleope.com

The impossible has happened. PAO had been hacked. Over the course of the past 24 hours, you have may experienced a poor PAO experience. Your less-than-stellar PAO experience was caused by a code injection from a talented yet stupid hacker.

PAO is offering mucho rewards for information leading to the Hackers capture and lifetime imprisonment. Informing PAO of the hackers name will get you an Official XMAS 2011 Edition Pineappleope.com T-shirt.

Bonus if you bring in this The Net hacker:

Lets bring this hacker to justice.

[Review Time] Music for Healing Sexuality – Healing Nature Sounds and Relaxing Music

With song titles such as “Making Love Under the Rain”, us at PAO knew what we were getting into. Or at least, we thought we knew…

At times massively loud noises obstruct PAO employees from doing work. During those times we try drowning out the vomit inducing noise with music. At times relaxing music.

When “Music for Healing Sexuality – Healing Nature Sounds and Relaxing Music” compact disc was delivered to PAO offices by FEDEX, all PAO employees passed the disc around drooling over the cover artwork and calling dibs on first listen. Straws were drawn, and I ended up being the first PAO employee to take the disc in, in its entirety.

The disc starts off with a bang, featuring the track “Making Love Under The Rain”. You can vividly hear each drop of rain hitting two lesbians going to town on one another.

“Outdoor Love”, One of my favorite tracks. Its more or less a woman getting off alone.

“Erotic Spa” starts out with relaxing tunes and melody. Due to the song name, it was hotly anticipated. Unfortunately there is some giggling which takes you right back to reality.

“Sensual Couple” too much kissing noises. A couple slapping noises, I assume they were friendly slaps since they broke out into full on intercourse. Mix feelings on this one.

And lastly, PAO favorite song 8, “Threesome And Rainy Days”. It was a pleasurable listening experience from start two finish. The female vocalists did a heck of a job. A HECK OF A JOB. Whoever mixed this track is a genius.

Another hidden gem:

“Thunderstorms And Sexual Pleaseure”.


7 out of a possible 10

*WORTH NOTING: There are no secret songs hidden at the end of the disc.

[The Shave] Bikini and Brazilian Waxing Lessons – Start Shaving your Friends, Today

You’ve always wanted to be really good at giving bikini and Brazilian waxings. Here is your chance to become a pro. Pineappleope.com is proud to offer free internet waxing degrees. Simply watch the following film:

“I am the best waxer now. Thanks PAO”
-David C.

“Didn’t know it was SO SIMPLE. Until Now”

“I was always messing up. Now, I am a professional and make a living off waxing”
– Michelle T.

[Health Alert] Study Says 84% of Sunscreen is Harmful to Your Health

The FDA has refused to publish safety standards for sunscreen products. That’s nearly three decades of keeping the public in the dark about the extremely harmful, cancer-causing chemicals found in sunscreen products.

Cleveland Solar Group (CSG) has spent the past 7 years researching the effects of the sun, the sun on skin, sun screen on skin, and skins effect on sunscreen.


As the CSG’s research reveals, an incredible 84% of sunscreen products are harmful to consumers. You read that right: More than four out of five sunscreen products actually harm the people who use them.

That’s no surprise to Pineappleope.com readers, of course. We’ve been sounding the alarm on the toxicity of sunscreen products for years. We’ve also hammered at the sick conspiracy between the cancer industry and the sunscreen industry to keep people diseased so that both industries make more money.

Avoid the sunscreen dangers at all costs, before its too late

Battle the Sun online! VERSEU.com – Internet Battles

[Health Tips for the 21st Century] How to Fix an Uneven Sun Tan

There comes a point in ones life when you screw up your tan, and get an uneven tan. Instead of blaming the sun, you can fix your uneven tan! Follow these 12 easy steps below:

Step 1. Locate your uneven tan.
Step 2. Locate a towel
Step 3. Drive to your county tanning salon with your towel
Step 4. Enter county tanning salon
Step 5. Ask for a 40 minute session
Step 6. Enter tanning bed room
Step 7. Take off your clothes
Step 8. At this point you should be nude, unless of course, you are a never-nude
Step 9. Cover the tanned part of you with the towel
Step 10. Enter Tanning bed
Step 11. Tan as long as it takes to make the untanned skin match the tanned skin
Step 12. Eat a hand sandwich

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