Teaches Small Talk

small talker is here to teach y’all a thing or two about small talk, you know you want to. Small talk isn’t for everyone. Here are some promising tips on small talk

Practice. Converse with me, you and everyone you come across: cashiers, hookers, waiters, people you’re in line with, tri-genders , neighbors, sluts, co-workers and kids. Chat with folks unlike yourself, from seniors to teens to tourists.
Read everything: cookbooks, mags, newspapers, magazines, reviews, product inserts, indigenous weekly, maps, signs and catalogs. Everything is a source of information that can be discussed via small talk.
Force yourself to get into small talk situations, like doctors’ waiting rooms, cocktail parties, doctors’ offices and office meetings. Accept invitations and host your own gathering or party.
Immerse yourself in culture, both high and not high. Television, music, sports, fashion, art and poetry are great sources of small talk. If you can’t stand small talk, that too is a good topic for small talk.
Step5 Brought to you by: onionrings
Keep a journal. Write down funny stories you hear, beautiful things you see, quotes, observations, shopping lists and calls you made. That story of the long-distance operator misunderstanding you could become an opening line.
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Breaking News: Coke is not Classic Anymore

coke Reporters report that coke is dropping the Classic. Most likely this move is not going to change the flavor, taste, or carbonation of this once popular beverage.

After adding the Classic to coke, back in the tasty 80s, two decades later the Coca-Cola Co. is going to remove the “Classic” from its location on the flagship cola sold in the U.S., a company spokesman said.

Coke Classic is, soon going to be was, the leading soda brand in the world. About 1.7 billion cases of Coke Classic were sold in the U.S. in 2007, according to Beverage Digest. Beverage Digest reported the removal of the “classic” name earlier Friday which is reporting on.

Will the newly labeled coke use the same formula? can’t be sure. Several sources have reported different information.

Most people want to know if this move by coke, will in turn, force Pepsi Co. to bring back Clear Pepsi. We haven’t been able to get in touch with pepsi, but when we do, will post its findings immediately, count on that.

Questions about eyeball baldness

I just turned my keyboard upsidedown and whacked it a few times. A lot of stuff came out. Some food crumbs, a caraway seed, but mostly eyelashes. I want to ask PAO readers, especially readers who are also board certified physicians, will Rogaine or similar hair loss treatments irritate to the sensitive mucous membranes of the human eye?