[stress test] American Banks Nazi Money and the Pope

PAO correspondents working in an unprecedented multilateral team have scooped the real story on the stress tests being performed on American banks earlier this week. Bank of America was the big winner, with a need to raise over 30 billion in additional capital to keep lending. But does the average world citizen know what this really means? Of course not. But now you will.

Stress Test
Stress Test

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Flight Safety

Try as you might, at some point in your life you may have to board a commercial airplane. This is a bad idea. Planes are dangerous. If you bump your head hard enough against one you could die. Flight crews are increasingly being recruited from bands of sea pirates. Sea pirates don’t usually know how to fly planes. If you must fly, try to have sex while you are up there. The following flight safety pamphlets illustrate how to effectively perform the following activities while in the air using beautiful 20yr old Brazilian line drawings.

  1. Handjobs.
  2. Autoerotic asphyxiation
  3. Doggystyle
  4. Nipple bondage



Bulletproof Vest Testing

“OK..Let’s set the record straight. Ben is my step-brother…. ….He had a rather large contusion on the back side of his heart, and between his lungs, but it has gone down now and has healed up nicely. The Travis County Sherrifs Dept took the cell phone as evidence when Ben was in the hospital to show that his friend” -Video Commenter, probably from Travis County

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