Yet Another Scathing News Report

whole lotta bull
Folks over at competing websites have been saying that our Chief Editor and Chairman of the Breed left the country because of dismal projections for Q109. Balderdash! Phoey! Baloney! He is out there improving the quality of PAO reporting worldwide! Check out this scathing news report from Europe:

AMSTERDAM – A shoe salesman from Weert was bitten in his arm this Wednesday, by a naked man with a trout in his hand. Meter controllers were abel to detain him until the police arrived to arrest him.

It must have been a bizarre image for Robert van Dooren, sales employee at Bob’s Adventure Store in Weert. A 25 year old inhabitant from the city parked his bike againt the store and came in, only dressed in a cap and a pair of shoes.
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#199 – Count down to 2Hundo-eth Post

You Win
You Win
As we continue our count down to 200 posts, we count down each post thats posted. This post being #199. Wow. A year ago, staff thought this goal was inconceivable. Wrong

To Celebrate #199, Today, and Associates will more likely than not celebrate. More likely than not will reach 200 posts today.

In other news highlights, has just passed 420 comments today. Currently the stat is at 428 comments. You can consider that, along with’s consideration, that that is a major landmark.

Today will no doubt be remembered by all staff and its readers. more often than not.

Great Job Team


Steganography leads to arrest of zombie coven!

Massive kitty porn seizure links biker gang to incarcerated Kansas City mob boss.

Once again, PAO investigators have used a bewildering array of brick-and-mortar skills to track down and expose the nefarious wrongdoings of the undead in Western California.PAO tipped off authorities to the criminal enterprise late Saturday evening; by the end of Catholic Mass all of its leaders and 17 soldiers were under arrest and in custody. Continue reading “Steganography leads to arrest of zombie coven!”

Followup: The Buccaneer

What does PAO staffer Mitch L do when he isn’t out there inflitrating undead covens and signing neo-indy-pseodu-billy-bands to legendary contracts? Mr. L is also out there fighting pirates and promoting the next post-mercenary-glam-duo sensation. From Mitch’s notes:

“We were overwhelmed by the elements and running low on hydrogen rations. Peansy had the bends and the ship’s butcher was steeped in the grog. Through the fog, I could make out no sign of the enemy or the shoals I knew we were near. Continue reading “Followup: The Buccaneer”

How to Defend yourself from PUMPKIN INVASION

Here at PAO, we deal with all kinds of issues. For instance, we had to move our office space recently. Since we are always concerned with YOU, our beloved, valued, and awesomeo readers, we like to do our part to give back. 

Today, after 4.25 years of work, we have one of our most prized projects ready to demonstrate. 

Many years ago, a reader livebloggtwittered to us saying they were under attack by pumpkins. It was a heart wrenching story, and here at PAO, we knew it had to be addressed. Pumpkins are assholes and need to be kept in their place.  That’s why we developed the GUNSAW 2000! Even the army loves it. We have a seriously gorey video in action, as well – beware pumpkins – video follows! Continue reading “How to Defend yourself from PUMPKIN INVASION”