[Factoid] There’s a Difference Between Ghost Sex and Ghost Rape

I bet you didn’t know this. According to NYMag,

Some people are super into ghost sex as a fetish, as evidenced by the online communities you can find dedicated to ghost erotica. But there’s also the phenomenon of ghost rape, when people feel they’ve been assaulted by spirits against their will. Folklorist David J. Hufford believes that up to 15 percent of people “experience being assaulted in their sleep by an unknown entity at some point in their lives.” Even with ghosts, there’s the issue of consent — while some people actively try to summon demons to do it with, others say ghosts have groped them without the okay.

So don’t be afraid – as far as we know, you can’t make a ghost baby!

[Dance Lesson] The Double Dream Feet

Dance Students said what:

“ive never felt so gay violated in my whole life”
– cstunts44

“Well maybe his boyfriend is amused because I surly am not.”
– deadra

“I’m winded.”
– Ray C

“He’s not really that bad of a dancer. Grown ass people watching dance instructions for kids is obviously not going to like it… Try putting up a clip of Barney and expect not to be creeped out.”
– Judsparrow

“@Judsparrow what are grown ass people?”
– cstunts44

“@Judsparrow, @cstunts44 Yeah what are grown ass people?”
– deadra

[Most Interesting] Fascinating Video Straight from the Far East

Most likely winner of 2011 top web videos of the year award for top video uploaded on the internet. Sit back and take it all in

Review Panel Said:

“Okay, I am so fucking disturbed words can’t describe it.”
– Jerryz

“how odd”

– Tom Lehoya

“what the fuck uhhhhhhhhhhh im so disgustid by this this is 50 times worse then 2 grls 1 cup i mean who the fuck wood post this video”
– Ricardo F.

[Countdown] Only 2 Days Left Until Christmas Day

Two days until Christmas. Official notification from Us at Pineappleope.com.

During the Countdown Pineappleope.com will be fielding questions from our readers (submitted to chief@pineappleope.com):

Why does Santa have a white beard?
From: Lisa, UK

International question, woah. Thanks Lisa. Well santa clearly doesn’t shave, which is why he has a beard. The reason its white is most likely due to the age of santa.

-Perrf PAO Editor