Top Reasons to get the iPhone 6 Plus

iphone 4s aka iphone 5As a professional tech writer and original blogger, when I first saw that the iPhone 6 was getting a dose of Viagra, I could not have been more jolly. Most people don’t know what is so great about this. I figured instead of talking and writing about it, I’d just hammer out the top, top top reasons – so you get get in line RIGHT NOW.

  1. Chicks. Love. Bigger. You will get laid if you flash this device around. Instantly.
  2. Porn! Big screen! YESS.
  3. Think how much that mongo thing vibrates – your wife will love it.
  4. SLOW MO CAMERA  – film those things you always wanted to, in SLOMO
  5. It is weaponized.
  6. Stops more bullets than a normal iPhone 6.
  7. Can serve as dinner plate.
  8. Double those “happy to see me?” comments
  9. Excuse to wear big baggy pants like a THUG
  10. Holster.
  11. PORn
  12. Packs huge speakers – its a new age boom box, bitch.
  13. Longer chassis makes for easier upskirt shooting.
  14. TOP NOTCH sexting with that sick forward facing camera. Full frontal sexting anyone???

[solo project] Thom Yorke to ditch Radiohead

Thom Yorke, a talented but little-known backup singer for the band Radiohead, has decided to break with the band over apparent “artistic differences”. The band Radiohead made a big splash at the Grammy’s last year when they showed up to replace Britney Spears, even pulling off some of her own dance moves in unison, leading many critics to say that they had become little more than a boy band and generating a public outcry. Apparently tempers flared after the bad PR, and Thom has been working ever since on his so-called “nuevo-huevo” rock project.

“I originally started this project as a medium to explore a fusion of R&B, Mariachi and Acid Jazz, but after SB 1070 hit I decided I could stay silent about the project no longer and want to begin touring as soon as this Fall. If I reach even one person with the beauty of this music, it will have been worth losing my finger in that cymbal accident.” – TY

Yorke’s unnamed project is being influenced by hip-hop heavyweight B-Real, who is expected to produce a live album from the tour. Other hip-hop/r&b notables that will be appearing on tour with Yorke will be Darren Robinson a.k.a. “Buff Love” of the Fat Boys and R. Kelly. The first single, Blind as a Guvnah, is now available for free download on

[iPhone 4 Rumor Mill] Release date, new ‘iOdor’ feature??

Two late breaking Friday rumors:

1. Jobs, Steve, will be announcing the new iPhone this coming Monday, June 7th. Get fuckin ready.

2. Ready for this? Maybe its TOO crazy to be real.. but we’ve got 3 sources from Foxconn who are reporting a “groundshattering” feature to iPhone4. They could not give any details other than “its under your nose”. Is it the fabled “iOdor” ??

We know it will have voice and video.. so.. does this mean the iPhone4 will have SMELLs?  Imagine what this will do to the App Store!! Imagine the cookbooks! The “adult” games! Holy crap.. I am salivatin, yo.

For those still stuck with the outgoing, dead, “worm eaten” iPhones, we give you a consolation prize – free wallpaper (cut to your iPhone home screen dimensions). Click on to get that.. too bad you won’t be able to smell it though. Daang. Continue reading “[iPhone 4 Rumor Mill] Release date, new ‘iOdor’ feature??”

[More Amazing Race] The Krit Classic II, Sunday June 6th

Run like there is something to frolic about. RUN FOR THE BEST CAUSE EVER.

Run the Krit Classic II

The Krit Classic II

Run it, Sunday June 6th

..or walk like a slow mo fo