[MLSVD] Shay Gives Us Some Inspiration, with Wild Spanking Bonus

Yes folks, the MLSVD (Major League Synchronized Video Dancing) is back, and as inspirational as ever. Blondie Shay dances her face off to some of the most inspirational audio we’ve heard in months. Sporting an inspiring black thong, Shay is really going for it this time…

Judges Said:

– I cannot get enough, this video is giving me the strength to do just about Anything

– Shoulve pic’d a higher tempo song imo


You’ve earned that spanking, from three chicks! Two of whom have really nice upper bodies, WATCH YOUR BONUS >>> Continue reading “[MLSVD] Shay Gives Us Some Inspiration, with Wild Spanking Bonus”

[MLSVD] Xtremely Into the Music Tournament 2011

Major League Synchronized Video Dancing is back with footage from the latest MLSVD Tournament “Xtremely Into the Music Tournament 2011”.

Up first is Shay Laren, dancing synchronizedly to the bongos!!

Up next is the MLSVD Japanese team pulling off MLSVD history with 5+ dancers dancing synchronized:

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[Holiday] Kentucky Derby Weekend 2011

swimming with horses
Pineappleope.com is suiting up for the 2nd biggest weekend of the year, Kentucky Derby Weekend. For the uneducated, the Kentucky Derby is a horse race, quite famous in PAO offices around the country.

As a special Treat from Pineappleope.com to you, here is a secret recipe to construct the Official PAO Traditional Kentucky Derby Drink, the Mint Julip Elixir

4 c. water
2 c. sugar
4 c. loosely packed fresh mint leaves, chopped
4 c. bourbon
Crushed ice
Fresh mint leaves

Combine water and sugar in a medium saucepan; bring to a boil. Reduce heat to medium and cook for 10 minutes. Reduce heat to low, add chopped mint leaves and simmer 30 minutes. Let syrup stand at room temperature overnight. Strain. Fill julep cups with crushed ice. Combine bourbon and mint syrup; pour over ice. Garnish with mint.

Top 2011 Contender: Mucho Macho Man

[Non-Winter Skiing] Skiing Ocean Waves AKA Agua Super Giant Slalom

The Super Giant Slalom is an Alpine skiing discipline. McChill is the fastest Super G skiier of all time.

Beach-go-er-s said:

– i have never in my life seen skis like that, im a water and snow skier, the yellow skis have fins mounted on them and are way too thick to be snow skis, the black pair could be powder boards but unless your in 5ft of champagne their way too fat to be useful

– Uh, ok. Must be fun floating in the water with soggy boots and floating skis on your feet. NOT!

– sorry but those definitely aren’t snow skis…

[The opposite of LARP] Driver’s Education Reform

In Utah, they don’t put kids in little Geo Storms with extra brakes and silly signs calling them out as student drivers. This approach leads to over-cautious, under-aware boneheads on the road. No, in Utah, to get your license, you have to participate in a demolition derby until your car explodes or at least catches on fire. Any dolt can see, this form of education is far superior, as Utah drivers are now prepared for all eventualities. Furthermore, barring any permanent neck injuries, their head will be on a swivel when it comes time to make a lane change.