Review Time: Fuze Beverage

This here drink is made from some unique ingredients such as filtered water and pyridoxine. It packs quite a tasty punch. With no artificial colors OR flavors, this fuze beverage separates itself from the other beverages such as moxie and yoohoo. The drink itself goes down pretty easy, you can definitely taste the tea flavor. You can’t really tell it is made from both green and black teas, but over extended drinking periods you can sort of make out the two types of tea.

Overall, this drink is satisfying and I would recommend it to a beverage drinker. I’d suggest serving it mcchilled not over ice. 7 fist pumps out of 10.

FOOD REVIEW: Angry Whopper

dr angry
Today, Thursday, I had the opportunity to eat Angry Whopper. Angry Whopper was eaten for lunch. Did it satisfy? Did it taste delicious? Did Angry Whopper end my hunger? You will find out in the following review. REVIEW TIME.

Well what the fuck is Angry Whopper you ask? It’s a Whopper. It’s a whopper with spicy crispy onions, and it’s a whopper with spicy crispy onions, and its got jalapeños, and then its got pepper jack cheese, and Then its got bacon, on top of that come the tomatoes, and then the lettuce, and then here we have some mayonnaise, and finally topped off with some spicy Angry Sauce.

This burga was not spicy enough. The tomatoes were green. The onion rings were very soggy. The Angry Sauce wasn’t outstanding. The spicy jack cheese was not spicy. I got a coke with it. That was ok. The fries were decent, came in a trendy frypod (no relation to the iCase).

Angry Whopper did not deliver. The regular whopper, burger kings signature dish, is slightly less spicy than Angry Whopper, and proves to be a better choice and you will save yourself a dolla.

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Fighting subcutaneous infestations

It is the afternoon already? Have you been able today, to rid yourself of the tiny vermin that crawl into yourself while you sleep every night, feeding on your hopes and dreams? Probably not, according to results from a new study by respected Ergonaut and Cornish Game Hen authority Stewart Coupland: “90% of the employed human subjects studied have not sufficiently rid their bodies of microscopic organisms by 2pm. Contrast this with the fact that only 31% of unemployed humans in this study were adequately deloused by 2pm. My findings indicate most (human) employees should be given longer lunches so that they have more time for personal grooming and bug removal.”

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PAO Product Review and the Ongoing War with Amazon

First of all, we would like to give 4.6 stars to this very useful collection of postcards. The idea here is, when you have some bad news to break to someone, you do so in postcard form but with cute and/or cuddly animals to soften the blow. Or you can use baby laxitive.
grandma is dead
You can purchase the postcard collection here, however keep in mind that if you do, you should also send PAO our reverse commission of $8.71. (We are working on having our commission come out of Amazon’s end, but as of yet have been unable to get Amazon agree to our mandatory 87.09% commissions…. more on that later… but for now just don’t be a schmuck and send us the money directly. Thanks, schmuck.)

The Australian Grammies postgame report at PAO!

Our Australian correspondent attended the gala red-carpet event in Sydney last Saturday evening. Among those attending, The Artist Formerly Known as Blur, P. Diddy, and pro-football/new-grunge crossover artist Quarterback. The most touching moment was the announcement of the top four songs by artists you had forgotten you had ever heard of, of all time:

Top Four (4) Songs By Artists You Had Forgotten You Had Ever Heard Of, Of All Time:

  1. Do Me Down There – PeeKay and The Fontanelles
  2. Skinned Knee Sexophone – Bjerk
  3. Do You Love Me Chunky? – The Fat Boys
  4. Blind Man Blues – Split Wet Woodchuck

Do you finger? Mazefinger Wireless iPhone App. Review

Will melt your brain
Will melt your brain

You’ve seen it on television, you’ve seen Mark Chill playing it, Mazefinger. The sickest iPhone application to date. Do you like robot voice yelling “AWESOME”? Yes. Here is our full review of Mazefinger.

A Little background on this iPhone gem. Mazefinger utilizes your finger, most likely your index finger, or the third finger from your thumb. Mazefinger takes your finger and enters it into a world of cutthroat maze traversing. Does your finger have what it takes? Are you up to the challenge? Mazefinger offers some of the best mazes you’ll ever see in this life time. You must work your finger through mazes to reach the maze end all while racing the clock! If you are sick at this game and your finger reaches the end super fast, you will score an “AWESOME”. If your finger is fat and slow, you’ll most likely end up with a “WEAK”. You can also score a “GOOD” or “GREAT” depending on finger speed.

This is not your grandmothers atari, this is legit maze action. However, reaching the end of the maze isn’t as easy as one might think. By the third level, your finger will encounter mazes with blocked paths that require you to time the start of your finger rather than simply fingering when you feel like it. As you progress even further through the levels, you encounter other such obstacles such as skull and crossbones.

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