[UPDATED gallery] Hot Olivia Wilde Gallery – topless, no. What do you think? #oliviawilde #photogallery

Which photo is your favorite? Yeah she’s wearing clothes but what do you think? Or should she just stick to not wearing a shirt?

Wikipedia says:

Wilde was born in New York City on March 10, 1984 as Olivia Jane Cockburn. Her mother, Leslie Cockburn (née Corkhill Redlich), is a 60 Minutes producer and journalist, and her father, Andrew Cockburn, is an Irish journalist, as are her paternal uncles Alexander and Patrick, all of whom are contributors to the political website CounterPunch.org. Her half-aunt was the late writer Sarah Caudwell. Her paternal grandfather was the Irish-born novelist/journalist Claud Cockburn. Wilde has said that as a result of her family background, she has a “strong journalistic streak”, being “really critical and analytical”.[1] She has wanted to become an actress since the age of two.[1] For a short time, Olivia’s family had a house in Guilford, Vermont, USA. Wilde attended Georgetown Day School in Washington, D.C., as well as Phillips Academy in Andover, Massachusetts, and subsequently moved to Dublin, Ireland, where she attended The Gaiety School of Acting.[1] She initially began working as a casting assistant.

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[Review] Oakley Eyepatch Sunglasses – Polarized

“If form and function hijacked a ship it would be called the HMS Oakley Eyepatch.”

oakley eye patch

They Say:

Yaar matey. Whether ye have one eye or ye have em both, shield yer eyes from harsh glare reflected off flat surfaces like snow, pavement, and water with the Oakley Eyepatch Polarized Sunglasses. To give you the highest quality optics available, Oakley milled the Eyepatch’s lenses from a single piece of impact-resistant Plutonite polycarbonate. The result is a sunglass that’s as functional on the lake or on the road as it is fashionable. Oakley’s new Square O logos prove this Eyepatch is a genuine Oakley article

PAO Says:

After receiving a pair of these Oakley Sunglasses, PAO was bummed out to find they come with two lenses – they look like normal glasses. These DO NOT LOOK LIKE AN EYEPATCH.

This is looking like a misguided attempt by Oakley to cash in on Pirate Fever.

FINAL RATING: * 1 star out of a possible 10


HTC Hero’s Teflon Coating Makes the iPhone Feel Like Junk – iPhone 3G

Simply put, the Teflon-coated back just feels and looks a lot better than the iPhone’s—now crappy looking, I admit—plastic back. The Hero’s polytetrafluoroethylene—the technical name for DuPont’s Teflon—coating feels perfect in your hand. It doesn’t appear to get any skin oil at all. No greasy fingerprints, just a perfect matte finish no matter how much I touched it.

It feels and looks like a white thermal tile out of NASA’s shuttle.

via Gizmodo – Materials: The HTC Hero’s Teflon Coating Makes the iPhone Feel Like Junk – iPhone 3G.

[Review] MIT Maze Pen

For those rabid mazefinger fans, and for those poor saps without iPhones who would like to present the MIT Maze Pen. This pen provided a solid 10 minutes of maze running action, as we worked to move the ball from one end of the pen to the other. Once we succeeded, we opened up new levels of play as we proceeded to move the ball back to the other end of the pen. All in all, a very satisfying experience but with limited replay value.

High Tech Maze Pen
High Tech Maze Pen

As a pen: *** (out of ten)
As a maze: ********** (out of ten)
As an iPhone replacement: ***** (out of ten)
NOTE: As an iPhone replacement, the maze pen sure impressed the girls but we were not able to place or recieve any calls. We might wait for a 3G version of the maze pen to be released, MIT says this will probably happen Q4 of 2009.

[vintage ikea] PAO flashback furniture review

thats alotta feet
thats alotta feet

Mexico City, MX – PAO bargain hunters recently ducked into a vintage outlet store in an effort to avoid some infected swine flu carriers in downtown Mexico City.

The situation ended very positively – turns out the swine flu-ers were not infected – they were actually Mexican drug czars dressed up in pig suits, in their own efforts to avoid both the pig flu swine pandemico (pandemico is Spanish for pandemic).

The other positive note here is that our correspondents took refuge in some vintage Ikea furniture – likely left in Mexico hundreds of years ago by Swedish settlers Ponch de Leon and Columbono. The old furniture was intact with impossible to follow instructions and totally stupid tools. In the chair pictured here, the tools were empty shotgun shells which attached to some sort of wingnut contraption.

PAO’er Lance Monstoke said “it was like a monkey with piggy swine flu trying to fly fish in salt water”.  Sounds awful, Lance. He and Maria Chowdon, our 20yr old Brazilian intern, both enjoyed their time in the shop.

The chair does maintain a very rustic attitude of the olden times in Sweden – these days its nothing but hot bikini clad blonds – back back in the day, things were a  bear! Literally! Chairs and cars alike. This Bear Chair actually could walk, with a mini steam powered engine inside the assembly. Very cool – unfortunately the engine was removed in Mexico as a precaution. Swine flu is spread by steam and energy which is how it made the jump to humans from piglets.

In any case.. our researchers managed to bring this chair home for a hefty price of 35 pesos, and 2 viles of our in-house experimental swine vaccine. Nice work guys!

PAO Endorses

That is right. Hybrid Taxi. This is the way you do it folks. Save money on cards and buy nice cars. Like this guy. He got a hybrid, and now he has cross pollinated his taxi business with the Red Sox, creating his own brand. Take a seat Madison Avenue, we have got you beat!

Rebranded! New and improved phone number! Call today, ride tomorrow!
Rebranded! New and improved phone number! Call today, ride tomorrow!

[Review] Lance® Toast CheeTM Crackers

When you think of Lance, for most of you, a member of ‘N Sync comes to mind… for Pineappleope.com, LANCE® snacks. Members of the PAO Food and Drug Administration (PAOFDA) got their grubby hands on a package of Lance® Toast CheeTM Crackers – real Penut Butter. The PAOFDA developed a completely encompassing review…
lance peanut butter crackers
Category Ratings:
*each score is out of a possible 10 – reviewers were drinking Tab the diet drink introduced in 1963 during the review
Taste: 7
Satisfaction: 7
Looks: 7.5
Consistency: 7
Packaging: 7
Name: 7
As a Lunch Food: 7
As a Dinner Food: 7
As Breakfast: 6.7


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[REVIEW] iPhone 3g

iphone 3g review
Apple’s 3g iphone (tresG for our Spanish speaking audience) has made its way into my hand this past weekend. The 3g has replaced my original iPhone, which was unable to stay in one piece during its short life (8months). The iPhone gets most its use for internet pornography (see:LubeTube) and checking stocks, mostly.

In my time with the 3g I have been somewhat satisfied. Lets run through some of the PROs:

1. it is black – black makes it looks cool and hip and can help get you into hard to get into clubs
2. its 3g – this phone actually rings when people call and makes phone calls when you make a call, unlike the original, which had connectivity issues
3. MazeFinger compatible – Mazefinger the app still works on the 3g.
4. Its louder – The phones speaker is noticably louder, which enhances some existing apps, like atomicFart
5. GPS is solid – I can now locate myself better, instead of a big circle surrounding the state i am in, the gps equipped iphone 3g can now pinpoint where im at. (note: it doesnt track how you got to said destination)

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