[PAO Movie Club] Birdemic: Better than Inception

There is only one king movie of the summer movie season, and the king is “Birdemic: Shock and Terror“. If you want more of a movie-mind-fuck than Inception, look out for Birdemic

The Plot: A platoon of eagle & vultures attack the residence of a small town. Many people died.

The Trailer:

Jessica Biel – the definitive gallery.

The PAO street team did some research before we allowed this one to hit the wires. The reviews came back GLOWING. Some words:

  • Joey M – i wish i was her. seriously. i’d have more fun with this fun bags than a god damn prop comedian.
  • Marsha R – well, that does it. i’m engaged, but i would give it all up for one night with Jessica Biel.
  • Frank L – My greatest dream – for my twin daughters to seduce Jessica Biel and film it – just for me.
  • Anne-Marie T – Mon dieu! Qui-est? QUI EST? JE WANT.
  • CEO of Pineappleope Enterprises – I wll be requiring some time alone. Disperse. Immediately. GOOOOO.

[The Other Olivia] Thursday Beach Babe Feature – Olivia Munn!

Olivia Munn. The ultimate nerd’s wet dream. Possibly created in a lab, some say – she’s half Chinese and half Babe. She’s got smarts. She’s got the ability to down a large hot dog in one gulp. She wears bikini’s and takes them off at the beach. She makes out with other hot chicks (who doesn’t like lesbian action!). She even did some Playboy action, so you know she’s LEGIT.

Oh, and she’s on G4, the nerd station – where she actually can talk about nerd things. She knows nerds. Nerds know her. Nerds want her. Well – PAO has her! Images of her at least – here ya go, nerds! Hit the BREAK for some serious babe action, from bikini to lesbian to sausage swallowing. This girl does it ALL.

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[Parking] Man Drives Car Through House in Parking Mishap

May 17, in Lancaster, Pa. (Today)

In the image above, a tow truck operator looks to tow a Jeep Liberty after the driver, Duke Smiths, who claims the accelerator stuck, drove it through the back wall of his garage on Monday, The Smiths suffered 2 broken elbows, 3 broken ribs, broken jawbone, a broken collar bone, 1 broken finger, and a concussion.

An investigation will take place, according to Burt Thompson of the Lancaster Police Department. “We have not ruled out the possibility that Duke Smiths was under the influence of one thing or another. Signs point to Crystal Meth.”