[Happy New Year] Welcome to 2014 – New Calendar Edition

Welcome to 2014. It’s 2014. You need a way to track important dates. Your android cellular phone and it’s iPhone amigo are not cutting it any longer. You have too many important dates lined up. You cannot miss a single date. You’re an important person. You need a calendar. Not any calendar. A calendar tailored to your unique self.

Pineappleope.com has hand picked a variety of personalized calendars to help you remind yourself of important dates, all while enjoying it every step of the way.

Without any further delay, here she is, The Master List of 2014 Calendars:





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[Seasons] Bikini Surf Season is Upon Us

Warm weather is headed our way. Both the East and West coast Pineappleope.com offices are predicting the weather will be getting warmer over the next several months.


What this all means is, Bikini Surf Season is drawing near. Its the season when thick wet-suits and bulky dry-suits are replaced with miniature water clothing, bikinis.

What you can look forward to:




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[Season Change] Summer is Coming to a Close, Winterize your Bikini

Pineappleope.com would like to point out to pineappleope.com readers that the seasons are due to change in a short amount of time. Fall is coming. Be prepared for cooler weather in the United States of America. Time to start removing and winterizing your bikinis…

You Heard It Here First. Summer is coming to a close.

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[Review Time] Music for Healing Sexuality – Healing Nature Sounds and Relaxing Music

With song titles such as “Making Love Under the Rain”, us at PAO knew what we were getting into. Or at least, we thought we knew…

At times massively loud noises obstruct PAO employees from doing work. During those times we try drowning out the vomit inducing noise with music. At times relaxing music.

When “Music for Healing Sexuality – Healing Nature Sounds and Relaxing Music” compact disc was delivered to PAO offices by FEDEX, all PAO employees passed the disc around drooling over the cover artwork and calling dibs on first listen. Straws were drawn, and I ended up being the first PAO employee to take the disc in, in its entirety.

The disc starts off with a bang, featuring the track “Making Love Under The Rain”. You can vividly hear each drop of rain hitting two lesbians going to town on one another.

“Outdoor Love”, One of my favorite tracks. Its more or less a woman getting off alone.

“Erotic Spa” starts out with relaxing tunes and melody. Due to the song name, it was hotly anticipated. Unfortunately there is some giggling which takes you right back to reality.

“Sensual Couple” too much kissing noises. A couple slapping noises, I assume they were friendly slaps since they broke out into full on intercourse. Mix feelings on this one.

And lastly, PAO favorite song 8, “Threesome And Rainy Days”. It was a pleasurable listening experience from start two finish. The female vocalists did a heck of a job. A HECK OF A JOB. Whoever mixed this track is a genius.

Another hidden gem:

“Thunderstorms And Sexual Pleaseure”.


7 out of a possible 10

*WORTH NOTING: There are no secret songs hidden at the end of the disc.