Swedish Embroidery 101.

Everyone has to start somewhere. That’s why we, here at PAO, produced this video for old people. It is the edited version, as corporate policy dictates that we do not advertise how to search for “adult situational material” for free. However, if you would like the second class on how to google your yahoo, all you have to do is Register. We’ll take care of the rest. For now, draw your own conclusions.

Please note, as we forgot to mention in the video, that “swedish embroidery” no longer exists. It has been replaced by SCS. So just googhoo “SCS” and your tool will assist you.

Yahoo’s list of overall searches for 2008

We here at PAO love searching. Afterall, we have the GREATEST SEARCH engine in the world, right at the top of the page. Good readers, we know its only the beginning of December, meaning there is still a full 1/12 left of this year to go.. so we are not at liberty to tell you what the top searches are here. It will take months of tabulation and carrying the 0’s, but rest assured we’ll get that info to you when the time comes. For now, you can suck on Yahoo’s premature announcement of its top 2008 search terms. Ready? Continue reading “Yahoo’s list of overall searches for 2008”

Out of Office rEMINDER

Hi Folks and Loyal Fans,

   I will be out on safari this week and won’t be submitting to Pineappleope until my return. I thought I wouldn’t be able to get the time off, but luckily I caught my editor typing up the following post:

Dear Boys and Men,

   I am 5’10” brown eyes, 7 full inches, uncut –

I caught him that far into it and threatened to post it for him if he didn’t give me the timeoff. Well screw him I am posting it anyways! CIao – Buenos Tardes – Mnsr. Duke de la Largebuck

Nstar Operator = Banna Ads?

Pineappleope.com Just received threats from Nstar Electric Telephone Operator, electricity Will be shut off unless the August bill from our OLD Office space is paid in full. Bitch. As far as we at Pineappleope.com are concerned, thats an old bill, water under the bridge, We Don’t Work there anymore. Clear, right? Wrong, she gave Pineappleope.com Finances and Acquisitions a bunch of guff and a month to pay it off. We are going to be implementing invasive banna ads all around the site which Will consist of lots of fancy technaalagy, cutting edge, which will track your likes, dislikes, facebook activity, and who knows.

Don’t be alarmed when you see the bannas, you are still on Pineappleope.com, its the same site, just with some bannas. This entire banna ad campaign is to raise money for the august bill, so all ya don’t have to donate because, here at Pineappleope.com, we simply don’t believe in it.