[Olympic Games] Hot Girls of the Summer Olympics 2012

Melanie Adams – Australian pole-vaulter

A pole vaulter since she was eleven, Melanie has won two titles. She is an aspiring model and was a finalist in the 2006 Miss Teen Australia pageant.

Victoria Pendleton – British track cyclist

Victoria is a track cyclist who specialises in the sprint disciplines. Pendleton has represented Great Britain and England in international competition, winning nine world titles including a record six in the individual sprint competition.

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[Brand New] Pineappleope.com Launches Redesign

In a matter of only years, Pineappleope.com launched the new redesign. A project berthed in 2010 was finally set free for the mass viewers to experience. At midnight EST 5 twenty three 2012 PAO released the redesign to the live server. The redesign as expected melted brains across the nation and its neighbors.

[Spring Cleaning] Spring has Sprung, Get your Maids Out

End of winter has passed, spring is here due to the unseasonable weather. That means its time to dust off your maids and put them to work. If you have survived maid-less this long, its about time you retrieve one.

Lucky for our readers, we have an official spring cleaning 2012 check list to get your maids on their way!

1. Have your maid set aside at least a week for a thorough spring cleaning. Work from one end of your house to the other.

2. Dust lighting fixtures.

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[The Shave] Bikini and Brazilian Waxing Lessons – Start Shaving your Friends, Today

You’ve always wanted to be really good at giving bikini and Brazilian waxings. Here is your chance to become a pro. Pineappleope.com is proud to offer free internet waxing degrees. Simply watch the following film:

“I am the best waxer now. Thanks PAO”
-David C.

“Didn’t know it was SO SIMPLE. Until Now”

“I was always messing up. Now, I am a professional and make a living off waxing”
– Michelle T.

Helpful tips to conceal your boner at the beach [guy tips] [boners]

Beach season can be very exciting. The problem: For the first few weeks, this excitement can be overwhelming – Because up until a few weeks ago, we were only able to see half naked woman from the screen of our PC’s (where it is acceptable to have a monster erection). It’s sort of like seeing a lion at the zoo vs seeing one out in the wild.


We know this transition can be difficult, so we’ve outlined a few tips for you this summer season.

Dig A Hole In The Sand – At the first signs of giant hard-on some of us tend to panic and roll over immediately. This can be painful if not executed properly. And depending on your shorts, there is a possibility of your little buddy getting a sneak peak of some sun light. Stay calm and dig a small hole where your pelvic region meets your towel. This will allow your yogurt slinger to safely and comfortably retract.

dig hole

Pretend Like You’re Stretching – Stretching at the beach is commonly practiced, so you won’t have to worry about looking awkward. People will think you’re about to go for a jog or a power swim. Hiding a boner will be the last thing on anybodies mind.


Place Beer Between Legs – If you’re in a situation where you’re in a lawn chair, you may not want to lose your seat. Fear not, this is but a perfect opportunity to crack open another cold beer.

The beer can works in two ways.

  1. It can be used to cover an unwelcome bulge.
  2. The chilling beer can works as an electric fence when it comes into contact with your penis.

Conclusion: The first few weeks of beach season can be a true testament of one’s willpower and focus. When venturing away from your towel to retrieve more food and beverages, we’d suggest that you keep your line of site directly in front of you. If at anytime you become distracted, just think of this guy.

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[Mailbag] Orgasm on a Rollercoaster!!

Today we reach, deep into that sack known as the mailbag. Yup, its been a while, and boy do we have a good one today – literally, a question for the AGES, thanks to Marcy32 in Kansas for asking this one!

Q: My boyfriend is awful in the sack. I’m a horny girl. I NEED to orgasm, but I fake it every night (and some mornings) for him because he’s so.. you know. Fast. I don’t want to hurt his feelings. Is there anything I can do to climax WITH him?

A: Well Marcy, sounds like you have yourself quite a pickle – and its a sour one. Fortunately there are many options for you – and Pineappleope is here to help. First, you are not alone. We get many girls asking this question – and we help them all out. Very often – sometimes over and over and over again.

Usually we recommend just pleasuring yourself in front of a camera, and sending it to us – so we can assess your situation better and provide better guidance. More often than not – we also recommend experimenting with friends.

For your case, we have devised something a bit less orthodox. Since your boyfriend, lets call him Eduardo, is such a prick, we want you to make him feel like less of a man.. subtly. See, the trick here is to get off in front of him, before he even knows what’s going on. How, you ask? Well.. rollercoasters!

Yes – just go to the amusement park. While driving there, we recommend ‘warming yourself up’ in the car – we know Eduardo isn’t talking to you anyway. He’e probably adjusting his greaseball hair in the mirror while he drives his busted ass KIA down the highway. BABY BLUE! So – diddle it up! Once you get to the park, simply run to the first roller coaster. We guarantee that within minutes, you’ll be moister and happier than a juicer gangbangin guido at the tanning salon.

Don’t believe us?? Check out this video from Amanda89!!! >>
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[Bigger Boobs] Electronic Boob Growth Device Hits the Market

Scientists working overseas in conjunction with local PAO scientists have developed the speediest and least invasive breast augmentation technique. Electrocute your boobs into enlargement

Focus Group Feedback:

– I need to take a trip to Asia !

– is there such a thing as an ugly chinese woman?? I don’t think so…



– 20 bucks says most women end up with this thing down their pants.

Screw Cyber Monday. Here’s a DIY gift idea – laser guided slingshot!

I’m “calling in sick” at work tomorrow to build mine. If I survive, will report back.


  • duuuuuuuuuuuuuuumb product placement
  • I WOULD USE A DILDO! *boom headshot* 10 points!!
  • my dog’s shit! (his poop would be ammo to shoot at my idiotic brother)
  • Looks like your running ideas Kip Kedersha if you are send me a message and i will be happy to give you some
  • that is a mother of all slingshots!!!! :DD