Mass Arrests of Journalists Follow Iran Elections

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“Reporters Without Borders is alarmed by the fact that no less than twenty-three journalists have been arrested in Iran in the week following the elections, making Iran one of the most dangerous places in the world to be a journalist. Online activists are trying to counter this trend by giving advice for helping Iranian protesters. One problem is that Iranian leaders are trying to delegitimize the reform movement by pretending that they’re puppets of foreign powers, so special discretion is required for anyone wanting to help the Iranian people.”

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Yahoo! (YHOO) Will Never Recover – Wall Street declares the internet giant “dead as doornail”.

Yahoo! (YHOO) will never recover from its botched negotiations with Microsoft (MSFT),  in which the larger company offered to buy it in early 2008. The initial offer was for $44.6 billion, or $31 a share. Yahoo! turned the deal down and by November of last year, its stock traded below $9.

Yahoo!’s new CEO, Carol Bartz, has made a series of mistakes early in her tenure, and the company probably cannot recover from them either.

Yahoo!’s current dilemma, from a financial standpoint, is that it is not growing and operates on razor thin margins. In the first quarter, the firm made only$121 million on $1.82 billion in revenue. The company has no significant margin to keep its earnings positive if revenue drops. Bartz’s initial answer to this was to let people go. Yahoo! fired 1,500 staff members beginning late last year, to save $400 million annually. That may only be the beginning of employee reductions if sales remain weak.

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The toilet fact post. You can bring this one into the crapper with you. #facts #readingmaterial

Toilets – we all use them but seldom like to talk about them. The flushing toilet was invented by Sir John Harrington in 1596 for Queen Elizabeth I. He was originally barred from the Royal Court for spreading smutty stories, but after his invention, he was allowed back. Having whet your appetite for fascinating toilet facts, let us look at 15 more.

japanese toilet

1. The film “Psycho” was the first movie to show a toilet flushing – the scene caused an inpouring of complaints about indecency

2. Pomegranates studded with cloves were used as the first attempt at making toilet air-freshner

3. Hermann Goering refused to use regulation toilet paper – instead he bought soft white handkerchiefs in bulk and used them

4. Over $100,000 US dollars was spent on a study to determine whether most people put their toilet paper on the holder with the flap in front or behind; the answer: three out of four people have the flap in the front

5. King George II of Great Britain died falling off a toilet on the 25th of October 1760

2Facts 6 – 10

6. The average person spends three whole years of their life sitting on the toilet

7. The first toilet cubicle in a row is the least used (and consequently cleanest)

8. An estimated 2.6 billion people worldwide do not have access to proper toilet facilities, particularly in rural areas of China and India.

9. The Roman army didn’t have toilet paper so they used a water soaked sponge on the end of a stick instead!

10. The toilet is flushed more times during the super bowl halftime than at any time during the year.

toilet snorkel

11. 90% of pharmaceuticals taken by people are excreted through urination. Therefore our sewer systems contain heavy doses of drugs. A recent study by the EPA has found fish containing trace amounts of estrogen, cholesterol-lowering drugs, pain relievers, antibiotics, caffeine and even anti-depressants.

12. Lack of suitable toilets and sanitation kills approximately 1.8 million people a year, many of them children.

13. The toilet handle in a public restroom can have up to 40,000 germs per square inch.

14. While he didn’t invent the toilet, Thomas Crapper perfected the siphon flush system we use today. He was born in the village of Thorne – which is an anagram of throne.

15. In a 1992 survey, British public toilets were voted the worst in the world. Following quickly behind were Thailand, Greece, and France.

british toilet monster

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[PIC] MyVibe Thighs-On : First, Best, Hottest iPhone Vibrator App #sex

iphone_girlIf you havent already checked out MyPleasure.coms MyVibe app in the iPhones app store, you might want to. Unlike many saucy apps out there, MyVibe is free—and fun.

Here’s how it works: There’s an on/off button that looks like many computer on/offs so it’s easily recognizable. On the right there are up and down arrows to control your vibration – short, quick pulses (smaller #s) or longer slower ones (higher #s, up to 100).

The intensity of the vibration MyPleasure could use for this app is obviously limited by the amount of vibration that the iPhone offers, so the orgasmic potential of the MyVibe app is similarly limited. However, orgasms—while fun—aren’t everything.

Anticipation, teasing and seduction play a major role in many people’s sex lives. Why not turn on the app, hold the iPhone discreetly against your body while on the metro, in a cab or at work as you exchange sultry IMs or Twitter DMs with your real life partner or dream partner? Having a little vibration can add excitement and tingles to your day (and your genitals). [MyVibe via My Sex Professor]

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45+ Essential WordPress Plugins for Pro Blogging [Holy Moly] #wordpress

[singlepic id=6 w=320 h=240 float=right]are you a pro blogger? a blogpro? if you arent using this stuff, you are not a pro. we are pros and find pro tips from other pro bloggers outside of blogs, on twitter and myspace. pro bloggers know, the best blog tips don’t come from blogs. Someone one the internets said:

More and more people are looking to add a second income stream to their lives by landing a blogging job.

Well the real trick is to BLOG LIKE A PRO, M’Fer! First, pick a topic – something cool, that people actually give a shit about. Like – Olivia Wilde. Then build your blog – like a pr0:

45+ Essential WordPress Plugins for Pro Blogging | WordPress Blogging | Blog Perfume.