[Beach Time] PAO Annual Beach Day Photos!

Check out last year’s Annual Beach Day party from PAO, Inc! From fantastic fireworks every week, 19 in all, to 80 free summer concerts, PAO Annual Beach Day has something for everyone. Come marvel at the Masters of Adult Sand Sculpting in June, find out who will be Miss PAO 2010 in July, show off your talent at the annual PAO Beach Day Talent competition, or feel like a kid again in August on Catholic Clergy Day, and see the season end with our famous 3-Day Old Seafood Eating Contest in September. But please, don’t sit around waiting for these and other special events!

Because everyone knows that the annual PAO Beach Day is a great day at the beach and a whole lot more! Check out the action!!

[Holiday] Independence Day 2010 – July 4th

Independence day falls on July 4th this year, for most Americans and Jessica Simpson, it is this coming Sunday.

For only US citizens this is a Federal holiday commemorating the adoption of the Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776, declaring independence from the Kingdom of Great Britain. While US citizens don’t have to work on the 4th, you will still see illegal migrants manning hot dog stands and crushing lemons for fresh lemonade.

A few observations:

– July 4 is the 185th day of the year

– On July 4th there will be 180 days remaining until the end of the year.

– The Aphelion, the point in the year when the Earth is farthest from the Sun, occurs around this date.

– The terms 4th of July or Fourth of July usually refer to Independence Day in the United States

– Fireworks are nothing short of mind blowing

Great Job Team

[Modern HR Techniques] Derrick been a bad boy

PAO staffers occasionally disagree about important issues. When these situations arise, we usually just execute one of the dissenters. This sends a stern message to the rest of the staff to get along. But when the issue is trivial, we don’t advocate fatal punishments, we encourage the workers to resolve their differences using pranks and fisticuffs. One example is to lure another employee into a discussion about LDAP or Twatter or your boring fishing blog. This is a pretty extreme punishment, so in general lets try simpler, more corporal punishments. Below, you can see this strategy in action, captured on one of the many surveillance cameras we have setup throughout PAO world headquarters.

[live blogging] Waiting for FedEx Truck

Pineappleope is recieving undisclosed package from FedEx delivery man. PAO is on hand to live blog this event

10:18 – The wait is on…

10:30 – Drinking a coffee, brewed by my own two hands. No FedEx truck in sight

10:39 – Just about half way through my coffee

10:52 – No sign of FedEx, growing increasingly pissed

10:57 – Grabbed binoculars for better view

11:01 – I spotted squirrels… no f’in truck yet – growing more impatient

11:06 – This apple liveblogging cell phone is on it’s last legs after 1 hr of strenuous and cutting edge 3g use, looking for charger

11:10 – Package arrived, Yes

11:20 – UNBOXING

11:38 – Almost unboxed

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[Shop] Pineappleope.com Introduces: Online Shopping!!

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Everything you ever want:

– clothes !!!!

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[Acquisitions] Pineappleope.com Bidding on Sex.com

Reporters are reporting that Pineappleope.com has plans to bid on the second most valuable Internet domain: SEX.COM. This ultimate domain is headed to auction next week after the previous owner defaulted on its debts.

Escom LLC paid a reported $14 million for the Web site in 2006. But the company failed to repay debt owed to DOM Partners LLC, the New Jersey-based lender that helped finance the deal.

As a result, sex.com will be sold “as is” in the equivalent of a foreclosure sale, according to a letter from DOM Partners’ lawyers that was made public Tuesday. The auction is set for March 18 in New York, and bidders are required to appear with a certified check for $1 million to participate.

Pineappleope.com will be in New York with a certified check for $6 million under the assumption this SEX.COM bidding war will not go above $5.9 million. If the auction is won, Pineappleope.com promises to create an extremely racy and explicit web portal.

PAO will keep you informed how the auction goes down… with possible live-blogging.

Great Job Team