[Naughtiest Meal] Burger King Offers Sex Toys with Whopper or Fish Fillet

Our International PAO team in Israel reports that Burger King is giving a new ‘twist’ on the traditional Happy Meal. For Valentine’s Day, and hopefully forever, the fast food chain will offer “adult meals” for folks who are at least 18 years old. The meal will come with banging adult toys for the most extreme erotic adventures in your bed or public.

Here are the 3 possible adult meal toys you will be lucky enough to obtain (after the break…):

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[2015] Happy New Year from Pineappleope.com

The beginning of a new year is routine. This year pineappleope sent pineappleope representatives into the cold , damp , Atlantic as the year switched unto the following year. Their deaths were not in vain as we received the following blurry photo (you may need to squint).

Happy New Year

Great job team

[Happy New Year] Welcome to 2014 – New Calendar Edition

Welcome to 2014. It’s 2014. You need a way to track important dates. Your android cellular phone and it’s iPhone amigo are not cutting it any longer. You have too many important dates lined up. You cannot miss a single date. You’re an important person. You need a calendar. Not any calendar. A calendar tailored to your unique self.

Pineappleope.com has hand picked a variety of personalized calendars to help you remind yourself of important dates, all while enjoying it every step of the way.

Without any further delay, here she is, The Master List of 2014 Calendars:





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[Research] What is See-Through Clothing and How Does it Work?

Pineappleope.com threw Pineappleope.com Employees a major curve ball of a research assignment day 1, 2013 – What is see-through clothing and how does it work? It’s now the 24th day of 2013 and Pineappleope.com Employees have finally amassed barely enough research data to answer this hard hitting question.

Question: What is See-Through Clothing?

Answer: See-through clothing is any garment of clothing made with lace, mesh or sheer material that allows the wearer’s body or undergarments to be seen through its fabric.

fr_rep_kateupton_gqshoot[1]Questioning the Answer: What about a non-sheer shirt that is wet?

Answer: That is “NOT” a see-through shirt. That particular shirt is just wet forcing the shirt into transparency. Wet t-shirt contests are an exhibitionistic competition featuring young women contestants at a nightclub, bar, or resort. In more racy wet t-shirt contests, babes may tear or crop their t-shirts to expose midriffs, cleavage, or the undersides of their breasts. Depending on local laws, participants may or may not be allowed to remove their t-shirts during their performance.

“Wetlook” is the enjoyment of a person or people wearing wet clothing. It can also refer to the act of getting wet while wearing clothes, and having fun either in doing so or in watching others do it.

Questioning the Answer: But my wet jean shirt is not see-through?

Answer: But of course, jean is never see through.

jwoww-see-through-richie-rich-show-03[1]Question: What are other terms for see-through shirt?

Answer: “x‑ray dress” or “nude netting”

Question: How does it work?

Answer: Well… Mesh, web, or net fabric have many connected pieces with a large number of closely spaced holes.

Sheer fabric is is semi-transparent thin cloth. This fabric has many connected pieces with an insane number of even more closely spaced holes. These include chiffon, georgette, and gauze. Some are fine-denier knits used in tights and stockings, dancewear, and lingerie.

Latex rubber, which is naturally translucent, or plastics can be made into clothing material of any level of transparency. Clear plastic is typically only found in over-garments, such as raincoats. The use of translucent latex rubber for clothing can also be found in fetish clothing.

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[Non-Winter] Spring Arrived Early… Your Spring Swimwear Guide to 2012

The Sling is back for 2012. The sling swimsuit style all but disappeared in 2011 with the resurgence of the one-piece. PAO staffers were on hand when the major swimwear corporations unleashed their 2012 lines. Here is a quick, by quick PAO means slow, run down:

Classy Pansy - Look like a flower in this violetish swim suit
"The Black Belt" - The sling that looks like a belt, but is actually quite a bit more functional

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[Bigger Boobs] Electronic Boob Growth Device Hits the Market

Scientists working overseas in conjunction with local PAO scientists have developed the speediest and least invasive breast augmentation technique. Electrocute your boobs into enlargement

Focus Group Feedback:

– I need to take a trip to Asia !

– is there such a thing as an ugly chinese woman?? I don’t think so…



– 20 bucks says most women end up with this thing down their pants.

[Countdown] Only 1 Day Left Until Christmas Day

One day until Christmas. Official notification from Us at Pineappleope.com. This will be the LAST update on XMAS countdown.

Due to the impending holiday, PAO will not be featuring a Q&A session today. Pineappleope.com would like to inform you about the lack of coverage expected next week, due to PAO’s mandatory holiday break.

Great Job Team

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[Countdown] Only 2 Days Left Until Christmas Day

Two days until Christmas. Official notification from Us at Pineappleope.com.

During the Countdown Pineappleope.com will be fielding questions from our readers (submitted to chief@pineappleope.com):

Why does Santa have a white beard?
From: Lisa, UK

International question, woah. Thanks Lisa. Well santa clearly doesn’t shave, which is why he has a beard. The reason its white is most likely due to the age of santa.

-Perrf PAO Editor