[Tips] How to Guarantee Survival in a Plane Crash #travel

Airplanes crash everyday, killing all passengers on board. Chances of survival are next to zero, for those ill prepared. Pineappleope.com is attempting to supply you with the information to survive an airplane crash – Save yourself the misery of dying by plane crash, with this knowledge you can guarantee yourself better chances of survival than the guy sitting next to you.

airplane nose dive

1. Wear long pants, a long-sleeve t-shirt, and sturdy, comfortable, lace-up shoes. Of course you may want to be comfortable or professional-looking on a flight, but sandals or high heels make it hard to move quickly within the wreckage. Loose or elaborate clothing also poses a risk, as it can get snagged on obstacles in the close confines of a plane. If you know you’re going to be flying over cold areas, dress appropriately, and consider keeping a jacket on your lap. You’ll need to be able to stay warm if you survive the crash. Even if that is not a consideration, the more of your body is covered during impact, the less likely you are to receive serious injuries or burns. Cotton or wool clothing is also preferable as it is less flammable. Wool is preferable to cotton when flying over water, as wool does not lose its insulative properties to the degree cotton does when wet.

bikini-micro-string[1] 2. Book the right seats. (Read ‘Secret seats on airplanes) Because the initial impact is most often survivable, the key to living to tell about a crash is frequently how quickly you can get out. To this end, it’s best to get seats as close as possible to an exit, and aisle seats are generally preferable. In addition, try to sit in the back of the plane. Passengers in the tail of the aircraft have 40% higher survival rates than those in the first few rows.

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[Tech Health Alert] 7 in 10 Computer Users Will Be Half Blind by Age 60 #pdf09

braless girl
Researchers at the Optical Researcher Vessel Indiana (ORVI) have spent the past 16 years researching the effects computer monitors have on the human eye. While the study remains inconclusive, the research suggests as many as 7 out of 10 computer users will lose half of their normal eye site by age 60. In other words, you’ll be half blind by age 60.

The investigation has taken such a long time, going on 17 years, because its near impossible to find out the long terms effects in a short term.

Several important key pieces of information can be taken from the study results so far, here is a sample:
– Avoid looking directly at your computer monitor
– Blink an average of 40 times per minute
– Wear sunglasses when using a computer
– Turn the monitor brightness down to 0, or if your monitor is analog, change it to the lowest setting

[Reality] “Jon Minus Nine” – Jon and Kate File for Divorce, Jon Starts New Reality Show this Fall #reality

Finally, Jon and Kate Gosselin file for divorce. Main characters on the show “Jon and Kate plus 8”, Jon and Kate, weathered the serious pains of marriage over the past several months and have finally decided to cut things off.
jon and kate jon drunk
As part of the agreement, Kate will get full custody of their eight children. Jon has announced plans to move to the city of New York City, possibly moving into the Trump Tower estates. Kate will likely stay put and raise the eight children with six live in nannys, according to close friends.

Also announced was a new reality show starring Jon Gosselin, “Jon Minus Nine”. The reality series will be centered around the new Bachelor, Jon Gosselin and his attempts to meet a better wife.

When the fifth season of the Gosselins’ show premiered May 25, the couple admitted to having problems and not knowing where their relationship was headed. “Parents of multiples have triple the divorce rate,” Kate said while crying. “I was thinking we were going to beat that. I don’t know if I can say that anymore.” And so far she hasn’t said that anymore.

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[iPhone] Apple Includes Several ‘Easter Eggs’ Into iPhone 3.0 OS Update #iPhone

iPhone owners have been clamoring for the new 3.0 iPhone OS update for months now. Today 3.0 has been released into the wild full of new features such as basic copy/paste functionality. Apple has also included several ‘easter eggs’ that will have iPhone and Apple fans celebrating for the next months. Here is the easter egg list so far:
iphone babe

iPhone 3.0 OS Easter Eggs

1. Infrared spectrometer
2. Tire pressure gauge software (for future attachment?)
3. A dumbed down version of Apple’s Leopard LDAP Query Analyzer
4. Selectable animal SFX when scrolling in safari (giraffe is the PAO favorite so far, gorilla a close second)
5. New Apple/JockJoose Sports ticker (fully configurable in settings)
6. Several new animated smileys for text messaging
7. Pheromone Negatizer Software (for future attachment?)

…This list is growing. If you or a friend is a v3.0 iPhone user and would like to contribute to this list email: iphone@pineappleope.com

[Rumors] Rihanna to pose for Playboy #playboy

Singer /paparazzi-favorite Rihanna was spotted leaving the Playboy building in New York City yesterday. The “Umbrella” star was all smiles as fans snapped pictures of her walking to her hotel.

rihanna frontal nudityClearly things have changed in 2009. While the “Good Girl Gone Bad” star posed for personal nude photos, as previously reported, fans got a candid glimpse of Rihanna’s naked body when the pictures made their way online.

Also in the flicks was a young man resembling Rihanna’s then-boyfriend Chris Brown (with women’s panties on his head). Brown’s camp denied releasing the photos.

via Rihanna to pose for Playboy.

Also view the original nude photos!!!

[Reality] Heidi Pratt of the ‘Hills’ poses for Playboy #realitytv

Heidi Pratt AKA Heidi Montag is about to give her fans more access than ever before — the reality starlet will appear nude in the September issue of Playboy, Pineappleope.com has confirmed.

heidi pratt montag

“There is nudity. You’ll see her bush. It’s tasteful — she had a lot of fun with it,” a close source told Pineappleope.com, who reported on reported news in the news.

AccessHollywood.com reported news of Pratt’s Playboy plan in May. However, when contacted by Access, a spokesperson for Playboy said they had no comment on reports of a spread from “The Hills” star.

[holy crap][A super hero is born] Boy Survives 30,000 mph Meteorite Penetration #fridayfacts #space

This 14-year-old boy is Gerrit Blank, and he is probably smiling because he survived a 30,000 mph meteorite hit. His tale—confirmed by scientists at Germany’s Walter Hohmann Observatory—seems like the genesis of a superhero:

At first I just saw a large ball of light, and then I suddenly felt a pain in my hand. Then a split second after that there was an enormous bang like a crash of thunder. The noise that came after the flash of light was so loud that my ears were ringing for hours afterwards. When it hit me it knocked me flying and then was still going fast enough to bury itself into the road.

via Gizmodo – Boy Survives 30,000 mph Meteorite Impact – Meteorite boy.