[Aquatic Fun] The 2012 Water Park Babe Photo Guide

Water park is the wet version of amusement park. The dress code is typically a bathing suit. For chicks specifically, its bikini invited. Recently, Pineappleope.com was able to send a budding deep cover investigative photo journalist to the depths of several water parks spread across the United States and its territories, including Typhoon Lagoon and the famous Water Country, NH. Here is the footage she returned with:

Splashin’ in the half-tube

Patiently waiting in line for Geronimo

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[Brand New] Pineappleope.com Launches Redesign

In a matter of only years, Pineappleope.com launched the new redesign. A project berthed in 2010 was finally set free for the mass viewers to experience. At midnight EST 5 twenty three 2012 PAO released the redesign to the live server. The redesign as expected melted brains across the nation and its neighbors.

[Spring Cleaning] Spring has Sprung, Get your Maids Out

End of winter has passed, spring is here due to the unseasonable weather. That means its time to dust off your maids and put them to work. If you have survived maid-less this long, its about time you retrieve one.

Lucky for our readers, we have an official spring cleaning 2012 check list to get your maids on their way!

1. Have your maid set aside at least a week for a thorough spring cleaning. Work from one end of your house to the other.

2. Dust lighting fixtures.

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[Review Time] Music for Healing Sexuality – Healing Nature Sounds and Relaxing Music

With song titles such as “Making Love Under the Rain”, us at PAO knew what we were getting into. Or at least, we thought we knew…

At times massively loud noises obstruct PAO employees from doing work. During those times we try drowning out the vomit inducing noise with music. At times relaxing music.

When “Music for Healing Sexuality – Healing Nature Sounds and Relaxing Music” compact disc was delivered to PAO offices by FEDEX, all PAO employees passed the disc around drooling over the cover artwork and calling dibs on first listen. Straws were drawn, and I ended up being the first PAO employee to take the disc in, in its entirety.

The disc starts off with a bang, featuring the track “Making Love Under The Rain”. You can vividly hear each drop of rain hitting two lesbians going to town on one another.

“Outdoor Love”, One of my favorite tracks. Its more or less a woman getting off alone.

“Erotic Spa” starts out with relaxing tunes and melody. Due to the song name, it was hotly anticipated. Unfortunately there is some giggling which takes you right back to reality.

“Sensual Couple” too much kissing noises. A couple slapping noises, I assume they were friendly slaps since they broke out into full on intercourse. Mix feelings on this one.

And lastly, PAO favorite song 8, “Threesome And Rainy Days”. It was a pleasurable listening experience from start two finish. The female vocalists did a heck of a job. A HECK OF A JOB. Whoever mixed this track is a genius.

Another hidden gem:

“Thunderstorms And Sexual Pleaseure”.


7 out of a possible 10

*WORTH NOTING: There are no secret songs hidden at the end of the disc.

[Non-Winter] Spring Arrived Early… Your Spring Swimwear Guide to 2012

The Sling is back for 2012. The sling swimsuit style all but disappeared in 2011 with the resurgence of the one-piece. PAO staffers were on hand when the major swimwear corporations unleashed their 2012 lines. Here is a quick, by quick PAO means slow, run down:

Classy Pansy - Look like a flower in this violetish swim suit
"The Black Belt" - The sling that looks like a belt, but is actually quite a bit more functional

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[Internet Fighting] An Internet Battle to the Death – Review in Progress

The Official Battling system of the Internet has been released, to the public. The non disclosure agreement has ended. VERSEU,is what the Battle system is named. Located at http://verseu.com. They are currently hosting a number of battles, including the epic battle between Sexting vs Jump Rope. Check it out:


Current Battles:


Pineappleope.com went one-on-one with VERSEU this past week, in a sneak-preview for technology industry leaders. 2 Pineappleope.com employees were flown out to sunny southern California for a hands-on, behind closed doors, preview of VERSEU.

After 8 hours of straight online battling, Pineappleope.com came to the absolute conclusion, VERSEU will lead the rest of the internet into the next generation of the internet, tentatively called web3.0 (internet3, PAO prefers).

Since the VERSEU internet battle system is in its infancy (being released so recently, its so raw), we hesitate to give it a perfect score of 10 stars, but we never hesitate at PAO

10 out of a possible 10

Keep on the lookout for an official Pineappleope.com VERSEU profile.

[May Holiday] Memorial Day Weekend 2011

eating watermelonWith Memorial Day weekend almost here the anticipation for the weekend grows each minute, at Pineappleope.com. It is fortunate for Pineappleope.com staff that the Pineappleope.com staff have been awarded this Memorial Day weekend.

Here are some promising activities to keep you busy through out this long holiday weekend:

1) Frisbee with your wife

2) Frisbee with shades on

Great Job Team