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1 (One) Multi-Lingual Specialist
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Seasoned Software Engineer

5-8 years experience working with mission-critical high volume air conditioning (HVAC) software programs.
Will be responsible for overall performance.
Proficiency with Microsoft Office a MUST.
Lightweight Directory Access Protocol – Know it, love it, leave it.
Back-end minesweeper experience a plus.
Requires an outgoing, sedentary personality. Safety First.

Email Resume:

“Probably the best thing about working at PAO ( is the lack of Brown Bag Lunches, which frankly, are for the birds!” – Jose Stanliskivus, Director of Mazefinger Operations (

“We don’t have actual compensation packages, or benefits, but working at ( is quite rewarding. Where else are you going to work? ( would have you? Here at PAO ( pride ourselves on having a diverse, and usually odd number of employees, so feel free to bring a friend!(
Vanilla Bergman -Head of Cross Pollination

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