[BREAKING][feel you from the inside] – Trent Reznor Half-Quits Twitter #twitter #nin #thursdaytunes

From TechCrunch –

He’s had enough.

Trent Reznor, better known as the man behind the band Nine Inch Nails, is apparently fed up with Twitter. In a long, free-flowing rant post tonight in the NIN forums, Reznor let his haters have it. What starts out as a diatribe against the record labels (which Reznor has been one of the main opponents against in recent years), quickly turns directly to Twitter, which Reznor seems to blame for allowing him to give too much insight into his personal life — something which some trolls are using against him. And so he’s taking a break from the social media scene, and has turned his Twitter account into a “one-way” stream of NIN-only material, according to his new bio.

via Hurt, Trent Reznor Half-Quits Twitter .

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  1. trent, its time to retire, your old, you havent had a hit yet, your music is painful, your fans are painful, you keep quitting and unquitting,

    but a couple of your songs are decent, and that instrument you play at the end of the video is kinda cool

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