[Boob Videos] Jingle Bells via Boob Kazoo

Remember the kazoo? Yeah.. it’s old school, and practically extinct.

Today, a new kazoo-ish musical instrument has been discovered. Take a straw, giant boobs, and blow. Check it. This girl does some wild things to her giant voluptuous breasts, all while keeping things totally SFW. It’s shocking, amazing, and quite musical.

The crowd goes wild:

  • I bet she can suck and blow on other things!! Like these chinese nuts!!!
  • “I have really big boobs” – orly?
  • Wonder if that chafes? I’d apply some special ointment.
  • She’s blowin’ but I’d be suckin!!
  • 4 Replies to “[Boob Videos] Jingle Bells via Boob Kazoo”

    1. There is no question that she has skills, however I’d wager that those boobs are not real. Like, not even implants, I think she’s flat and has to fleshy looking balloons under her shirt. tramp.

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