[bionic fireman] And now a word from our sponsors

Times are tough – so as part of the multifaceted PAO Economic Stimulus Plan*, PAO is offering some of our favorite sponors FREE sponsorship. “But wait,” you ask.. “aren’t sponsors supposed to pay YOU”? Well we actually worked on this plan with a grant from Dr Bottomtooth – whose deep expercision into the realms of psychology and advertising has given PAO an upper edge on all competitors. As a result, we don’t need money from our sponsors. As Bottomtooth puts it, “these ads are just plain good for you.”

3 Replies to “[bionic fireman] And now a word from our sponsors”

  1. I am far superior to dr bottomtooth, first off

    And, as if you didnt already know, i am the stimulus packages. my stimulation techniques are beyond your wildest dreams

    im going to go eat a hand sandwich

  2. You know, cats are fragile, i think this commercial gives people the wrong idea on how to handle cats. for the last time, cats dont really have 9 lives its just a saying, ugh

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