[Become Social] Trick Yourself Into Liking Someone You Hate #behavior

Pineappleope.com has a long list of hated people. But Pineappleope.com tricks Pineappleope.com into liking these hated people with the following tips

movie criticEight tips for hating someone less

You don’t have the warmest of feelings for your a lot of people? Scientists say you can’t change anyone but yourself.

Here easy tips on how to hate someone less.

1. Seek Contact. If you don’t like someone, you probably avoid that person, but because of the psychological phenomenon known as the mere exposure effect, we tend to like people better the more we see them.

2. Do Nice Things For That Person. Humans prefer to see those to whom we do good than those who do good to us

3. Give That Person a Touch. Touching a person so unobtrusively that it’s not noticed, increases people’s sense of well-being and positive feelings.

4. Lighten up. Literally lose weight.

5. Act Hostile. We think we act because of the way we feel, but often we feel because of the way we act. So act the way you want to feel. This is uncannily effective.

6. Resist Criticizing. When your thoughts remain unspoken, they can more easily be changed.

7. Remember Happy Shared Experiences. Recalling good times elevates mood and will help warm your feelings.

8. Do Drugs. Changing your perspective and perception is an easy way to forget the real issues.

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